Trash Talk On Xbox Live

Everyone’s done it at one time or another if you’ve played games via Xbox live. However, it can get totally out of hand. I, myself, am admittedly a trash talker at times. But, I’m not the person getting angry and throwing my controller at the television, I’m the person laughing it off. Also, I don’t start until someone else opens their mouth.

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Newsman2382d ago

Mute everyone. Works well for me.

TheGuyWho2382d ago

but what if you pwn them? won't you want to hear their reaction?

r1sh122382d ago

unmute them at the end of a game..
Then mute them again after a few mins

Drewminati2382d ago

there's also alot of racist people online, Put in person you know they won't talk the same

r1sh122382d ago

we call them keyboard warriors.
They will always make noise over XBL or youtube, in real life they wont be the same.
its stupid but it happens everywhere

hellvaguy2382d ago

I think there are far more "reports" of racist chat than actually occur. And of those online who do use such tactics to get a reaction, many just do it for attention.

Britainz-Fin3st2382d ago

Most people have probably trash talked and some people enjoy it, others not so much.

A little bit of banter is a laugh but the gamers who go over the top with disgusting insults using and using the most offensive swear words have issues and no respect.

RedDead2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Drunk, I really can't aim or move around maps in a competitive way. So I throw insults at the enemies. They generally can't hear me until the end of the round but eh, atleast my team knows i'm an idiot

AH back in the day on live though, party chat took out the community part of live I think. Although it is better for friends and stuff. Fair trade off I suppose

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xPhearR3dx2382d ago

I haven't spoke to the XBL community in like 3 years. I just stay in party chat.....unless I'm drunk, but then I forget I spoke to them so it's like it never happened lol

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The story is too old to be commented.