The Simpsons Arcade Will Include Both English and Japanese Versions

We first learned that The Simpsons Arcade would be coming home to Xbox Live Arcade back in November, but news has been scarce since then. Just recently, however published the game's full Achievement list. That alone is good news because it usually means that the game will come out within the next month or two. A quick glance at the Achievements themselves reveals another interesting fact: both the English (worldwide) and Japanese versions will be included in the port.

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Daver2234d ago

how is that a news lol, its not like people want the "original" voices loll its an english show...

hkgamer2234d ago

Have you even read the article?

banjadude2234d ago

OH MAN.... I'm so jealous of Xbox 360 fans right now, lol.
This was/is an AWESOME game!

SolidGear32234d ago

Thought this was also going to be on PSN?! Timed exclusive?!