GTA 5 MotionScan gives mixed reactions

Gaming In Entertainment writes: The use of this technology in GTA V is a nice idea, one that has gained traction over the past month or so. However, we need to get real for a moment. For Rockstar to implement MotionScan in their upcoming game would take too long, as they would have to sit down with all the actors involved and go through the process of capturing them.

Knowing the scope of this game this would mean thousands of actors would have to go through this process, unless the use of the technology is only used for important characters within the game?

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danswayuk2326d ago

So what are the downsides with MotionScan?

Shaman2325d ago

Downside is the fact that actors faces HAVE to be the same as character faces in game and that it requires HUGE financial back up. Not to talk about how much time it takes...

Its good thing for games like LA Noire/Heavy Rain but not for GTA or almost any other game.

kevnb2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

i thought people looked like they came from thumb wars in la noire... but heavenly rain was well done.

SilentNegotiator2325d ago

The characters looked ugly in LA Noire.

I think motionscan is an absolute waste of time and money.

Hanif-8762325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

With MotionScan technology the faces have to look 100% like the actor that made the performances, in fact, its the basically a 3d image of the actors face. Also, i can guarantee that GTA V won't be using it, its very clear although the faces do look a lot more realistic than GTA IV, its still a few steps down from the realistic looking faces featured in L.A Noire it doesn't take a blind man to see that so i'm still puzzled why we're still having this discussion?!

kevnb2325d ago

facial animation is la noire looked wrong, it was in sync but just completely weird looking. Like this

ginsunuva2325d ago

And the characters have to be either sitting down or walking slowly like the actors do in front of the camera.

Dakidog2325d ago

Is GTA V being released for the next gen or current gen? If it's for every ones next iteration of consoles they have enough time and I doubt they'd be worried about money the way GTA is known to sell.

ginsunuva2325d ago

This gen of course. Did you see the trailer?

rattletop2325d ago

@kevnb lol. WTF is heavenly rain?

T3MPL3TON 2325d ago

Oh for the love of god people.

Read this. No really. Read it.


One more time.


K? We have this all sorted out? We understand simple logic? Why pay millions of dollars for 100's of actors when you can spend a few million to use it on a couple actors that are integral to the story/game. That is exactly what they did with LA Noire. This is evident when you walk down the street and look at the pedestrians.

ShoryukenII2325d ago

When did they say that they would use MotionScan? I must have missed it. :/

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