IGN AU:Australian PS Vita Launch Line-up

list of 25+ titles set to land on day one in Australia

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blaaah2378d ago

Bring the down and you have my money...

MasterCornholio2377d ago

Wow what a really good selection of launch titles. The Vita is definitely worth it's price.


bunfighterii2377d ago

I preorded a Wifi Vita with a 16gb memory card and Uncharted, also pre-ordered Unit 13. Bring it on!

user77927882377d ago

Why isnt Escape Plan and Gravity Rush on EB games website?

Are they download only titles or somthing?

Allowen2377d ago (Edited 2377d ago )

To save money I was expecting to get a Vita with a 64G memory card and buy all games from the PSN.

But then they announced that the largest memory card will be 32G only ...

I got a PSP 2000 with a 16G memory card and I can t put all my PSone and PSP games on it.
It is not the end of the world but 16G works FINE with the PSP.

Now for the VITA I think 32G is small , because I can t put one to three movies inside it + around 1G of music and more then 8 or so 3-4G vita games.

It would be cool to like leave one card with lots of PSP games,PSone(not sure if Vita will ever read PS1 games) games and some videos while the other card will have VIta only games, Music and fotos.

Does anyone know if it is possible to switch bettewn TWO 32G memory cards in case we need more space ?