Six movies that deserve a video game adaptation

There are some movies that should just be developed into games – movies with great stories, awesome characters, and the potential for great boss fights. Here’s a list of just some of the many movies that should be turned into video games.

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Valenka2377d ago

Movies that should be games: Mission Impossible, Terminator, Shaun of the Dead. Uh.......someone lives under a rock.

Stuart57562377d ago

Completely agree, Shaun of the Dead the video game? How would that work? Try this, Children of Men the video game.

Hold on, Mission Impossible & Terminator have already been video games!

LightSamus2377d ago

I dunno about a game based directly on the film but a zombie game set on the streets of London could be interesting. More like 28 Days Later then I suppose.

ATi_Elite2377d ago

most of those movies have already been made into games. Maybe not the same exact title or license but very very similar.

JaredH2376d ago

I think District 9 would make a great game and the second half of the film proves it imo.

acemonkey2377d ago

most of these movies u can easily compare to another game lol

JohnApocalypse2377d ago

I'd like to see a Terminator game that plays like Fallout or Stalker

pcdaley212377d ago

You know there was a mission impossible game on n64 right? Not bad either

2377d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.