March month of Silent Hill

Konami has announced March release date of Silent Hill hd Collection, Silent Hill Book of memories and silent Hill Downpour. Silent Hill HD collection which contains enhanced versions of Siilent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3 with enhanced graphics and new voice work is coming March 6,2012 for PlayStation 3

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Kingscorpion19812380d ago

Can't wait, I love Silent Hill 2 and looking forward to Silent Downpour!!

Paul852380d ago

Getting both hurry up march so I can be terrified !!!

PersonMan2373d ago

Silent Hill Downpour looks really stupid to me. I'll definitely be picking up the HD collection though.

My main gripe with Downpour is that it's built with the Unreal Engine and that engine usually runs like crap on the PS3 and it also comes with some nice screen tearing effects that I do not welcome in any game.

So if that's the case, I'll be skipping Downpour completely. Goodbye Silent Hill games.