Final Fantasy XIII-2; Fans, this game has fixed everything

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Thanks to Square Enix we’ve all had the chance to play a whopping 1.7GB demo of the soon-to-be-released Final Fantasy XIII-2. Having completed that; anyone who is still unwilling to give the game a chance is simply too hard to please."

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blaaah2353d ago

Why are the FF fanboys becoming like the old Sonic fanboys now? Nothing can ever satisfy them...

Megaman_nerd2353d ago

if you like it then fine but we don't. If you don't like to see people complaining then ignore them because you can't do anything else about it. ;)

heroicjanitor2353d ago

Yeah it's bullshit, they likely haven't even played it yet besides the demo. I suppose people will see what they want to see though, and they now want to hate ff13-2 because of some misguided cause. I didn't like 13 all that much but will give this a chance anyway.

upallnightgamer2352d ago

I have a friend who said he wouldn't play it because it doesn't have party support. I wasn't sure that meant, but he had a good reason for it. Then, I played the demo. I liked it very much except for having to switch to healing paradigms a lot and not being able to look ahead on the crystarium.

MaxXAttaxX2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

You sure? Cause Sega did a good job with Colors and Generations.

As for FFXIII. It's the same "auto-battle" system. It uses the Crystarium which is a retarded version of the sphere grid with level caps. The Paradigm shift shouldn't even have to exist. Battles can still go for too long. Enemies look like Bayformers. They gave the moogle a whiny voice. No party control. The world/map/exploration is still a big step back from FF12! The story is sh*t.

TheGrimReaper2352d ago

I've played the demo and yes, they have fixed some parts. BUT I can't stand the fact how the battles are played: Just like XIII!
Oh fight (random btw.)! Hmmmm shall I analyze the monsters and think about a strategy? Nope, I would lose time and the 5 star rating. It is simply smashing the X/A button until your health is below one third, paradigm shift, smash X/A until nearly full health, paradigm shift and repeat!!! To break this monotony watch your monsters emotion (iirc) bar and press []/X to start a boring QTE!
It IS better than XIII BUT one of my main concerns still exists.

Yi-Long2352d ago

... we're still stuck with a mediocre english dub and no option to choose the original language.

That might have been acceptable in 2002 when storage was an issue, but this is 2012, we've got HDD's, we've got BR's, and we've got the PSN/Marketplace, to offer such content as a download if it can't be provided on the disc itself.

Just give us the OPTION to play this in the original language with subs.

titans99992352d ago

well, i for one am a final fantasy fan boy, if you want to call me that, and I for one, am upset at the way the series is is sad to see a great franchise fall flat on its face due to poor developer ideas and content....I remember the good ol' snes days playing ff4 (ff2 here in the u.s.) and loving it....the music, the adventure, etc. epic gaming...not so much anymore...i will still buy this game and probably "like" it but no where near the way i "love" skyrim!!! Thank God for Bethesda!!!!

RememberThe3572352d ago

I heard the story was garbage. Thats a huge problem to me. And I'm a regular gamer.

MRMagoo1232352d ago

They still havent fixed one of my hates of the last game and thats the endless corridors instead of open maps, its like the hospitals in silent hill but less fun.

Tapewurm2352d ago

@Megaman_nerd... "we don't"...what? ya got a mouse in yer pocket? Or is it that you are a collective of beings and actually more than one person? Seriously though, I like how this game is looking and am going to buy the CE. I have honestly enjoyed every FF I have played to some capacity....easily enough to warrant every purchase. Sure there are little things here and there that aren't perfect in all of them, but I still enjoy them all.... I haven't been disappointed to the degree that a lot of the really and apparantly jaded "Fans" out there have. The way I look at it is this....... If you are really a true fan of all things Final Fantasy, you should be able to overlook the little things and enjoy what these people work so hard to bring us. Sense of entitlement spreading to the realm of gaming is just a sad sign of the times.

NewMonday2352d ago

WTF?! random encounters are back?

they removed one of the good things in FF12&13


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Daver2352d ago

It dosnt fix the boring element, I tried the demo but I could not even finish it it was the same thing as XIII. Only fun thing they have added is the monster thing.

dc12352d ago

The Demo showed a significant promise when compared to FF13 Part 1.
I'm looking forward to it.

The only issue I have the Square Enix is the uncomfortable presentence to give every major protagonist blue eyes... man!

FFXI1012352d ago

I wouldn'y say is the same as the XIII but the battle is still boring.

GraveLord2352d ago

Play the demo. They fixed A LOT of the problems with XIII. You'd be surprised.

Marceles2352d ago

For people that are complaining about the battle gameplay, you clearly didn't give the first XIII a chance. If you played the post-game or optional battles, try doing that auto-battle/switch paradigm rinse repeat thing you think works so well, you'll be dead before you know it.

ElliePage2352d ago

I easily went through all of FF13 doing nothing but auto-battling, L1, auto-battle, L1, repeat. The game basically played itself once you examined an enemy. Of course I didn't bother with anything after the story or many of the "sidequests" (just more monster fights) because it was tedious and the game was boring enough as it is. That's why I'll be ignoring FF13-2 (I've seen people play this garbage already so I know enough about it to know they didn't change anything to make it worth playing).

I'd rather wait for FFvs13.

Tdmd2352d ago

So, accordingly to your logic, in order to give a game a chance I would have to keep playing even after Ive done a complete playtrough? That doesn't sounds right to me. Especialy when we're talking about a game that may take around fifty long - boring hours to finish...

Tdmd2352d ago


Boring combat, no party control, crappy story AND characters in an jrpg are NOT "little things". There were a lot of complaints about XIII, but I guess the major complaints were about its linearity and the combat: XIII-2 does provide a little more fredom (just a little, from what I could see in demo), but the combat got even worst now that we have random encounters. Also, the fredom I had in mind was more like the open maps of gran pulse and XII and less like what was shown in the demo. All in all, my thoughts about it are: too little to really mater. I'll try it out, of course... Eventually, after an Huge price drop.

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dedicatedtogamers2353d ago

Yes! It fixed EVERYTHING! Everything except...

- completely idiotic characters. Saturday morning Disney channel shows have more interesting casts than this game

- dumb-as-a-brick battle system. "My first RPG" doesn't even begin to describe it. More like "my first videogame".

- significantly worse graphics compared to FF13. So, we're supposed to like the fact that this game looks worse than its prequel?

- really crappy music. The one thing FF13 had going for it was the music, but I didn't hear a single memorable note throughout the entire demo (nor in any trailers or preview videos of 13-2)

iamtehpwn2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Music on XIII-2 is crappy? really?:

Listen to these tracks and tell me this game has crappy music. Sure, not all of the vocal tracks are great, but some of them are beautiful too. Especially the orchestrated pieces like Caius's theme.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2353d ago

I gotta agree here. The music is a far cry from terrible.

Also the graphics are definitely better. Not significantly, but noticeable they are.

Battle system is definitely improved as well. I found myself REQUIRING to change paradigms in even regular battles.

Characters...I can't judge, we played a section of one chapter, sorry, but to judge characters at this point is entirely unfair.

Despite all of that, I'm not picking up this game day one, as I've been meaning to give hyperdimension neptunia a go first. But this game I'm definitely going to pick up eventually.

Army_of_Darkness2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )


I would have to disagree bro, FF13-2 soundtrack sucks so far from what you linked for us..
Chrono cross is still by far in my opinion still has the BEST tracks ever.

The sound track on this game is brilliant! that was when square was the shit!

ReservoirDog3162353d ago

I never heard the music till now and honestly, it's not terrible. It's decent enough but it all sounds like filler music when compared to FF's heyday.


Haha, I don't know. It sounds like Sonic music.

The music just hasn't been the same since Nobuo Uematsu stopped composing it.

And apparently, the story's 9 different types of wacky and worthless so I can't really get behind it even though I was one of FFXIII's supporters throughout all the whining.

But hey, maybe I'm wrong and there's better music and the story's actually well done. If that's true than I'll eat my words and go buy the game new.

rataranian2353d ago

I listened to them. Now I can tell you how crappy they are right?

BubloZX2352d ago

Hey Sonic games have some good music. thats one thing they managed to to right with games like shadow and Sonic 06

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baodeus2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

FF games always have high quality music (orchestrated).

Though another game with superb OST is NIER, like these:

I personally think Nier has better music than any FF games so far; u don't get this kind of OST in any other games either.

Nier is one of the few very underrated JRPG this gen. Although it isn't that good looking (that is what wrong with this gen, looks become more important than anything else), the story, characters are actually really good. The music alone make this game worth it.

Don't let the look fool u, go get it if you like JRPG.

Hicken2352d ago

I usually disagree with you, but I can't help but agree with Nier. It's one of the best games I've played this gen, and the music is a massive part of that. Listening to the soundtrack right now, as I have been for the last three days.

Both XIII and XIII-2(so far) have music that fit their worlds quite well. So did XII, despite it missing Uematsu's touch. I wasn't as fond of X-2's soundtrack, but it did the job, in my opinion.

baodeus2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )


That is alright, people don't usually have similar taste so i respect your opinion. But, hey, at least we can agree on something with Nier.

No other game get your blood pumping during Boss fight as much as Neir....thanks to the music...lots of drums, and fast tempo beat. It feels like u are at one of those Japanese Drum contest...very intense.

dc12352d ago

Ok.. after saying that FF13 part 2 improved on FF13 part 1 (above). I have to give you some credit.

A - I did not like the music.
B - I noticed that the graphics were noticeable worse in FF13 - 2 when compared to FF13 -1 (who does that?.. and I doubt the demo is from a significantly older build)
C - As expressed above.. the 'heroes' are simple..

Other than the points above. I will still get it. Oh.. and I like the battle system. It can get pretty strategic when fighting the more beastly opponents.

NovusTerminus2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

Nope, I still do not have full control of my party.

For added details, see dedicatedtogamers post! (Though I like some of the characters.)

iamtehpwn2353d ago

Uhhh....actually you do have near full control of your party. Not only can you switch between characters, they've added a feature called Paradigm tuning which lets you make small adjustments to AI.

rataranian2353d ago

He said "full control". You said "near full control". See the difference?

MaxXAttaxX2352d ago

Party control means control of all characters' actions. Not just one during all battles.
Paradigm shifts shouldn't even have to exist in the first place.

MRMagoo1232352d ago

Yes i think you are seeing this game with rose glasses, the battle system is crap, im half way thru the game from what i can tell and i havent hit anything but auto battle and i havent died once yet. There isnt even near full control of characters your talking BS.

I hope it gets better, the monsters where pretty cool for about 10 minutes till you realise they dont really do much so i have been leaving it on one monster that heals for the entire half of the game and havent needed to switch or use there bady designed QTE moves that are weaksauce. all in all the monsters are just taking the spot of another person but doing it badly

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Godmars2902353d ago

Honestly don't know which is worse: that Square thinks that they can get away with tossing in elements missing from XIII without proper context, or that much of the fan base has accepted it.

Tdmd2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

The second is far worst, for by accepting this kind of bs, "fans" are giving Square a green light for doing it again in the future - which is infuriating as hell.

c1oudy2353d ago

I enjoyed it except for the QTE's they're really annoying.

iamtehpwn2353d ago

I actually liked the QTE's. If you fail them, you aren't penalized. But if you do them correctly, you receive bonuses like a faster stagger or haste...the pacing is nice.

Capt-FuzzyPants2353d ago

Hopefully later in the game missing them will hurt you because I think that makes it a little more challenging.