Rumor - Diablo III Passes Korean Game Rating Board

Seems there is plenty of buzz on that Diablo III has finally passed the Korean Game Rating Board.


This is now an official story that has launched on multiple sites. Great news for those that live in Korea.

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PrisonedBeast2354d ago

Hmm well I guess this is good for those Koreans hope that this is true

DBLDeathDealer2354d ago

I am posting more information in the article now as I find it. Seems if you translate the article they have rated it as "M". More updates coming as I find them.

xxxAnubisxxx2353d ago

the Koreans are always so freakin' confused when it comes to game rating... but it concerns me that they may have approved Diablo III since they've banned so many other games that really were not that bad. I was expecting Diablo III to be banned there and Australia.

mynameisEvil2353d ago

Well, you know those Koreans love their Blizzard.

I wonder if it passed because people kept telling the rating people, "Remember the Zerg..." and then the they're all like "IT SHALL PASS!"


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