SideQuesting’s Best of 2011: The Box Arts - The year 2011 wasn’t only a great year for video games, it was one just as epic of game advertising. Hint: a lot of the money that we pay for a game also goes into the commercials, magazine ads, and product packaging all in efforts to catch our wandering eyes. Thankfully, this year publishers knew how to make us stop and stare in happiness, creating some of the best box art design of this generation. We’ve compiled a collection of our favorites of the year, exploring color, composition, and graphic design and how they relate to the games they are packaged around.

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MikeJWall2352d ago

The Resistance 3 box art is really cool. Kind of has like a District 9 vibe to it.

shammgod2352d ago

Resistance 3 and NBA 2k win for me. However, like a jackass I got the Larry bird cover instead of Jordan. Still a great cover but the bird one looks a little undersized

SolidGear32352d ago

All great covers. Especially the Resistance 3 cover, seeing as how the Resistance 2 cover looked like crap to me.