Sony's PS3 Plan: Shrewd Strategy or Drapes on the Titanic?

Sony CEO Howard Stringer attempted to answer many of the questions surrounding his company's PlayStation 3 video game platform Tuesday. The PS3 is enjoying a recent uptick in sales, but overall has lagged far behind industry leaders. Stringer outlined plans for increasing the console's media connectivity options, but is this the correct path for the once-dominant video game giant?

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Kain813751d ago

@Bloodmask ey man you write only negativ news against Sonys PS3 or Blu-ray. Are you paid by M$ or what?
Get a life man

Douchebaggery3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Do you realise that he doesn't actually write this sh!t? No doubt he enjoys bad PS3 news but he just provides the links.

TANOD3751d ago

all his articles are about bashing ps3.

He has multiple accounts too under the name of predator,jokes on you etc

Real Gambler3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Just give it a shot yourself, and you will see that somehow, anybody can think Bloodmask is paid to do it. Sure, there's plenty of bad news all around for every consoles. But at this point, you're wondering if there's not even a full team of people behind bloodmask. He is digging every articles from every website. That's a huge task. Just think about how much time you just spend surfing the web everyday. Most people who surf N4G normally also visit 2 or 3 more sites like this one and spend easily an hour a day just reading the news.

Now, go on, google like a mad man, just try to find bad news about the PS3. And work or go to school at the same time. And eat, and sleep. You will see that he's doing it 8 hours a day. And for what reason if he is not paid for it. Even if he spend just 2 or 3 hours a day doing it. I mean, he has posted article from so many website, it's mind boggling.

So can someone think he's being paid for it? I would think so. Otherwise, what a loss for him. He could be playing instead. He could be reading great news about his own console. He could have a life. But if it's a full time job, then cool, he's paid to surf the web. I just envy him. Otherwise...

P.S.: Wow, I got a disagree within 3 seconds... Let me guess, you didn't try to find bad news for 8 hours, did you? Did you even read what I said? Please just try it before you hit disagree. : )

The_Engineer3751d ago

you're not the only one that notices these things gambler, I made a remark in another topic about a week or two back about how everytime there is a negative article or negative regarding the 360 or one of its games or features, IN RECORD TIME there is an "official" response to the "rumor" posted on N4G. If bloodfart and his type are really MS marketing trolls then this will definitely be chalked as one of the weirdest,most vicious,underhanded, no holds barred console in history. The ultimate irony would be for an "insider" to spill the beans on all of this as it would make MS look like the hacks they truly are.

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HarryEtTubMan3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Bloodmask you are a loser. Sony is gonna win.

Hey do you noticed the PS3 sales have doubled and tripled all over the world and " the PS3 is a disaster, sinking like the Titanic" hahahahaha. Guys, just realize Bloodmask, Zhuk, Power of homo, Icewake, and espeically theMART HAVE NO F#CKING CLUE what is gonna happen. They just want the 360 to win. LMAO. What sucks for them though is that the 360 isnt the console with the buzz around it that just dropped price, has a AWEOSME 2008 Exclusives list, a 10 year life cycle still ahead of it and 130 million PS1 and PS2 owners that havent bought a console yet. FULL OF SHAT. PS3 is here for the long run and it is barely behind. I put ALLL my bets on the Playstation Brand...WORLDWIDE... by the time ALL CONSOLES finsh selling. PS3 is gonna win.

SmokeyMcBear3751d ago

hmmm yes.. the troll boy was making threats in the forums.. guess he is making good.. titanic huh. Well when worlwide sales are better than the next in line competition.. i wouldnt call that sinking

SKullDugger3751d ago

SONY haters are starting to fear the PS3 as DEVs learn to program better code like in Uncharted and GT5 the BEAST is coming!!!!

Zhuk3751d ago

The PS3 continues to lag behind industry leaders, even after a massive $200 price drop in the consoles first year of the market, which is absolutely unheard of before unless the console is failing.

The PS3 is a sinking ship, just like the Titanic. It has been driven by arrogant Captains (Sony Executives) right into icebergs because they thought they could just slap a sticker on any old piece of garbage and it would sell.

PS3 = Titanic, Gamecube and Saturn in one.

I've never seen such a disastrous console in my life

SmokeyMcBear3751d ago

$200 price drop?? hmmm last i remember, the prices were 599 and 499 for the two different models, and now they are 499 and 399.. hmm i guess i must have missed your math class.. because i only see a $100 dollar price drop, and the fact that the models have greater capacity, at 80/40 instead of 60/20.. interesting.

cellypower3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

Just make a bet if your so sure that ps3 going fail.At the same time zhuk why do want MS to win so bad? Its only gaming consoles

n4gno3751d ago


but i understand, you are like xbots repeating that bullshit since 2006, and you believe it now.

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games4fun3751d ago (Edited 3751d ago )

is that all you got bloodmask and zhuck?

logic: so the sales are increasing...
naysayer: well they were doing bad beforehand they sold about as much as the xbox they are doing horrible

you guys are right there is no way ps3 will sell well when ff13/vs,lbp,killzone2,gt5, come out what was i thinking no way it will do well in 2008 *rolls eyes*
EDIT: i understand the disagree i forgot to mention mgs4 i am so sorry

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