Myst Rated By ESRB For PS3 and PSP Release

The classic Mac game that had its stake in the CD revolution and spawned a whole line of successful books and games, Myst, has been rated by the ESRB for a PlayStation 3 and PSP release.

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banjadude2350d ago

Nice; this is also coming to the 3DS, I believe.

NukaCola2350d ago

This was on iOS and DS recently too right? Classic game. Should polish them up and put all 3 on PSN.

Larry L2350d ago

MYST is already on PSP though, so I don't understand this. And it's not just a UMD title, it's also on PSN under PSP games. I've wanted to buy it since it's been on PSN but they've never come down from that $20 price which is just too much. If it were $10 I would have bought it for sure just to have it.

Maybe this new release will be reasonably priced. It's probably touched up as well for better presentation.

ronin4life2350d ago (Edited 2350d ago )

...what is it not on?
Lol ^_^;

banjadude2349d ago

@ NukaCola

I believe so. I wouldn't mind trying this game again (been so long since I last played this on PC).