Pluggedin: Dark Souls Review

Pluggedin: People play video games for different reasons. Some want a mindless time-filler. Others long for a little easygoing fantasy adventure. And many seek out a bit of light strategic brain-teasing. Namco Bandai's action-adventure role-playing game, Dark Souls won't satisfy any of them; it's neither mindless, easygoing nor light.

This is a game designed specifically for those seasoned gamers who want an uphill slog through grimy graveyards. It's for folks who love a digital challenge so difficult that just making it through is a relief-filled victory. Think of it like lifting a grand piano off your toe: You rejoice when you manage it because the pain finally stops.

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Captain Qwark 92294d ago

haha wimp DS is the Best and a great challenge

AbyssGravelord2294d ago

Someone's buttmad they can't get past Blighttown.

camel_toad2294d ago

Oh good old Blighttown, making it through there finding that first bonfire was how I envision stumbling upon Heaven.

Captain Qwark 92294d ago

lmao that is a great way to put it. i got down to the bottom after like 2 tries and got to the swamp. i was like "WTF From software" theres no bonfire!!! somehow got through the swamp and fought the bitch only to die and start at the top again.....then after me and my buddy were in there for what seems like forever, he found the bonfire. im not gay dude but if he was next to me when he told me where that was, i would have kissed him.

ShoryukenII2294d ago

When I first got to Blighttown, I entered the wrong side (I didn't go through the sewers/Depths). I was immediately attacked by two giants. After I realized that they were monsters and were going to kill me, I ran. I stopped at an edge and was hit by a poison dart. Then the barrage began. It must have been 6 or 8 of them but they all shot their poison darts at me. I didn't know how to get down and I was busy running from the giants. Needless to say, I died. I never wanted to go to Blighttown again.

brodychet2294d ago

My GOTY hands down. For surez.

Romano2294d ago

Simply the best. No other game out there tests your skill, your mental strength, and will to succeed like Dark Souls with the exception of Demon's Soul. Skyrim is just another RPG with the usual boring formula of questing and offering nothing new. I already forgot what was Skyrim about, but remember almost everything of Dark Souls. I am in NG++ and about to platinum the game.