James Ohlen hits back against critics, defends SWTOR's innovation

Joystiq: Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Director James Ohlen isn't surprised that the game's received the flak it has from a segment of reviews and fans. In a candid interview with Eurogamer, Ohlen addresses both the issues of being a "big target" for critics and the claims that SWTOR's lacking innovation.

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coolbeans2198d ago

No one should bother with metacritic user scores. Dozens of exclusives on consoles would be in the red/yellow before they even released. In the case of certain PC gamers on metacritic, the title isn't 'Guild Wars 2' so it'll get flak regardless of what it brings to the table.

Megaton2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Why don't you just counter bad Metacritic user reviews by fluffing them up yourselves like you did with Dragon Age 2, BioWare?

Darkfocus2197d ago

because they don't want to get flak like they did with dragon age 2 maybe?

Megaton2197d ago (Edited 2197d ago )

Think yours is broken.

256bit2197d ago

devs cant just grab the user by the neck and force them to like the game. its up to the user if they like it or not. if they dont then thats their opinion. why do devs have to go around grabbing haters by the neck and say "if everyone else likes it you should to!!"

FlashXIII2197d ago

This game was never made to be innovative.. they went out to try and make WoW in a Star Wars universe with a few standout features. Ever since Lucas Arts saw the success of WoW, they had $$ signs in their eyes and wanted to try and replicate that success themselves with Star Wars.

That's not to say TOR isn't a good game but it's been over seven years since WoW has came out and very little has actually evolved in terms of MMO games sadly.

kevnb2197d ago

Dont worry about it devs, metacritic is meaningless.