Xbox Live Vulneribility Exposed! Microsoft Ignored The Truth

AnalogHype:"From what started as a supposed Fifa 12 hack, turns out to be more then that. Xbox Live has a serious security flaw and Microsoft ignored it for way to long. We have uncovered how easy it is for hackers or anybody with some free time to hack your Xbox Live account."

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dedicatedtogamers2353d ago

Hackers have been on XBLive for a while. I remember seeing some hilarious Halo 3 hack videos less than a month after that game launched. Those hackers migrated to the Call of Duty franchise once that got popular.

But of course, people would rather stick their fingers in their ears and go "la la la la". I mean, when you're paying top dollar to play games online that are free everywhere else, the last thing you want to hear is that your preferred online service is just as vulnerable to hacks as the free networks out there...

just_looken2353d ago

100% true back in 2007/8 there was a file share hack in halo 3 which allowed user's to upload anything and hack accounts i lost my account via this exploit. gta tbogt/mw2 has hackers with dev console's.

2353d ago
Stretch322353d ago

Great post bro. Maybe now Microsoft will pay attention.

Intentions2353d ago

Hmm.. Not really, if you are dumb enough to use the same password for everything and link your email/gamertag on facebook etc. Then it is your fault for getting hacked.

But yeah. MS should do something about it.

RedDead2353d ago

No it isn't, people shouldn't use the same password for everything, it doesn't mean it's their fault they got hacked

Venjense2353d ago

@ Intentions

Talk about blaming the victim douchbag

If you're dumb enough to open up your wallet in public and get robbed then it's your fault too right.

Dlacy13g2353d ago

Good to get this out so things can be changed. Ofcourse this avoided by note having any credit card on file.

GraveLord2353d ago

Yet people will still deny any security flaws with Microsofts services. Phishing scam my ass.

Ace Killa 082353d ago

What's the difference from doing this to hack just a regular Facebook or anything else??

This is just pure brute force of guessing for passwords and of people just create a weak password then the account will be hacked. Other public websites posts emails and the same can be done to them.

This is no way a flaw, and as for our network infrastructure manager... Ur not the only one with free time. 7 billion people in the world a lot of hackers in china this was done before.

If this is considered a flaw then you might as well put in for Sony, google, yahoo and other websites.

blackboyunltd2353d ago

The security flaw is you have unlimited chances to input a password. Any other site locks you out after X amount of logins. Your not even notified that somebody attempted to login to your account 120 times

kreate2353d ago

Something blizzard has been doing since the 90's

radphil2353d ago

"What's the difference from doing this to hack just a regular Facebook or anything else?? "

Cause some other companies lock you out after doing x amount of inputs or have safeguards inputted in. Paypal, Steam, et

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