Taking a Closer Look at the Wii U

When Nintendo revealed the Wii U to the world at last year's E3, it was careful to keep the prototype hardware under close watch with controllers tethered to demo stations and the console itself hidden behind display cases.

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PopRocks3592348d ago

Perhaps I'll be chewed out for saying it, but Destructoid recently did a preview of the WiiU controller and they had nothing but good things to say about it.

I hope people take the time to actually try this thing out before they judge it. It's not unlike when the Wii first came out and everyone was like "Who can play games with THAT thing?!"

ChickeyCantor2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

It's the bandwagon. It's just far too fun to ignore!
Because being objective isn't hip enough.

FinalomegaS2348d ago

Worst D pad EVER!!!! the dreamcast. think that thing hurt my thumb more than the PS1 controller ( the top shoulder side, thing all the SF alpha1 did that lol)

I'm sure this thing must be easy on the hands, the gaming market has been getting more and more technically advanced in the field of hand unit ergonomics. Remember playing with the old NES pad... Hours on hours playing Contra or SMB3, I mean we were young back then and we seem to not care but 30 years later... I think gaming controllers have come a long way.

The WiiU controller looks like it'll be more stationary to the end user.

PS: no petition for changing the name? They are aiming for the core players but the name of the Wii is tainted...

Of course the name should mean little when quality apps are shown.

just saying...

even Nintendo HD will work...