Uncharted 3 Flashback DLC details (4 maps)

Dualshock Nexus: You may have already read that the flashback DLC will be released sometime next week from Naughty Dog on their post about patch 1.3. Chances are you already know about the two maps they announced back last year that are returning to Uncharted 3 (Fort and Cave, in case you didn't know). So, are those the only maps that are going to be released next week? Nope! You can expect to see two more maps included with the upcoming DLC. Read the full story for the details.

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WillGuitarGuy2199d ago

Finally some DLC worthy of joining the fortune hunters club. Can't wait to try these maps out.

flavorbabies2199d ago

Yeah these maps are looking pretty cool... but I want new maps. like brand new.

fuzion17c2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

There are 4 Map Packs altogether. Flashback #2 will include the last 4 UC2 maps(Plaza, Village, Temple, & Train Wreck), leaving 2 more Map Packs with NEW maps! It's understandable that ND might save those NEW maps for last just to add replay value to UC3. They'll most likely release sometime before The Last of Us is released.

Burackus2198d ago


There are only 3 map packs and 4 skin packs

BoNeSaW232199d ago

Oh man! No Co-Op!
Has Naughty commented if their going to add any more Co-Op missions in the future?

ksa-sh8sh8b82198d ago (Edited 2198d ago )

no extra trophies ???

Bioshocking2198d ago

I played Uncharted 2 for a long time... and with every dlc added, so where trophies...

So yeah there will most likely be mp trophies