December NPD: PS3, Wii hardware sales

Take a look at the hardware sales for the Wii and PlayStation 3 from the latest NPD.

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Dante1122231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

So everything dropped that year for December?


Xbox360- 1.86 million to 1.7 million
Ps3 - 1.21 million to 936k
Wii - 2.3 million to 1.07 million

Edit: If this is true, how the heck did the 360 sell 10 million units from between Oct-Nov-Dec? Going off of the npd reports (3.9 million units sold for the 360 between O.N.D), the 360 would have to have sold 6.1 million in Europe, other territories for the same months total?

Edit2: Also, the Ps3 lead by 1 million for the year as of October for Europe.

GameTavern2231d ago

I assume, the 10 million is probably from MS? So if anything, I assume it was the total amount they shipped for the quarter.

Because yeah no way Europe and Japan is making up 6 million for the Xbox.

Mustang300C20122231d ago

Right because only Europe and Japan is the only other part of the world outside of the US. When you get the rest of the country shipments please update us. MS cannot lie just like any other company when it comes to ship/sales.

Clarence2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

I was wondering the same thing.

M$ has been know to lie. If I remember correctly they lied about the RROD.

check out these numbers.

Jan 19 M$ will release their numbers for the 2nd Q.

check out these numbers.
Ballmer said that M$ shipped 66m 360 not sold.

If M$ sold 3.9m console Oct-Dec, how the hell did the sell 6.1m in other countries when PS3 is outselling them everywhere else except NA.

Europe and Japan are the other major markets. PS3 has been outselling the 360 all year in these areas.

Something fishy about M$ numbers.

GameTavern2230d ago

I never once said MS lied, but Europe/North America/Japan makes up the bulk of the industry. That much hasn't changed recently. And we know Japan really doesn't support the Xbox. I believe less than 20,000 for the 3 months or so.

GribbleGrunger2230d ago

i've been saying this for quite some time now. the numbers do not add up at all