Top 10 Best Selling Games of 2011 in the U.S. Are Revealed

TQ author writes: The NPD group has dropped the 2011 top 10 video game sales numbers. Some of these games were expected to be in the the top 10, while others were a complete shock. Check out the list.

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Bundi2322d ago

9/10 playable on xbox 360. Gears of War 3, highest selling exclusive game.

Hicken2322d ago

So what's that mean? 8/10 were multiplats, so 8/10 were playable on PS3, too. 50% were available on Wii, and 6/10 were on PC.

So what?

You're bragging cuz Gears got on the list? It and nearly everything else got beat out by Just Dance 3.

Yes, you stated a fact. Congratulations: you can read.

Coolmanrico2322d ago

A lot of people must love to just dance.

mayberry2322d ago

Look at the top seLling "anything", cars for example, doesn't mean the "best", gt5 is epic!

ironfist922322d ago

You want Epic? Play Shift 2

ginsunuva2322d ago

Games always get better as you go down the sales list. Sad world.

DiRtY2322d ago

It is a sales article. Who the hell comes in here to complain that sales don't matter?

Great job Gears for being the best selling exclusive.

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