AMY: The Worst Game of 2012 Has Arrived | GameShark Review

If you think the idea of escorting a young girl through a bunch of dangerous situations while fighting monsters is a good one, please don’t waste your money on this catastrophe. Vote with your dollars and let the game makers know that this kind of careless, sloppy garbage is not acceptable. Just a couple of button presses away from Amy on both the Xbox and PlayStation marketplaces is a little game called Resident Evil 4 that does this idea brilliantly with a girl named Ashley instead of Amy. Sure, it costs twice as much but you’ll be buying and playing one of the best games ever made—not one of the worst.

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kreate2293d ago

So ... Anyone played the game that would agree with the author?

xPhearR3dx2293d ago

Aside from the good graphics for an Arcade title. It's a heaping pile of trash. Clunky controls, repetitive puzzles, horrid voice acting, no voice acting in points where there should be, horrible combat, lame ass color coded keycards make a pointless return, etc. It's bad.

kreate2289d ago

Thanks. Im not buying it than lol