Head2Head: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes -"Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we take a look at the demo of the highly anticipated sequel to Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. We know how the first Head2Head turned out, now we get a glimpse of what the results of XIII-2 might be."

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fluffydelusions2201d ago

Sad really. This is indeed a step backwards compared to the ps3 version of ffxiii :/

dedicatedtogamers2201d ago

Which is especially sad considering how the retail PS3 version of FF13 was a step back from the beta version of FF13 when it was still exclusive.

MaxXAttaxX2201d ago

XIII-2 is a step back because they tried to keep both versions even.

Otherwise it would look like XIII did, with PS3 version looking quite a bit better technically.

ElliePage2201d ago

The game is shit on both platforms.

RudeSole Devil2200d ago

No just the Xbox version. PS3 version has way better lighting IMO.

PirateThom2201d ago (Edited 2201d ago )

Even if they fixed the gameplay, because of platform parity, the PS3 version has been gimped, this does look worse than the PS3 version of FFXIII and, if what someone on the LOT comments said is true, they've removed the 1080p cutscenes from the PS3 version as well and the game runs at a worse framerate.


j-blaze2201d ago

the game still looks beautiful...
and IMO, concept, story, characters and gameplay all comes first. grafx is the last thing to think about.

but hey, ppl like you sir always seem to find something stupid to complain about

pathetic indeed

Truerandom2200d ago

Too bad everything you mentioned is not up to par with the older final fantasys, maybe better than XII except the gameplay.

Also I heard the story is bad in this game. The story and time travel looks like an after thought and tacked on, never planned.

PirateThom2200d ago

I never said graphics were the first thing I thought about.. my issue is that the game, a sequel on the same generation, looks worse than the game it's a follow up to... it's pretty much saying "we can't hit the same quality on one console, so we'll downgrade it to match both rather than take advantage of one".

Gamer19822200d ago

They lowered PS3 looks so you wouldn't notice the differnces as much this time. Its not the first time a developer has done this as you don't buy a JRPG for graphics at the end of the day you buy for gameplay so they only care about not getting negative news.