Mass Outbreaks of Xenophobia and Inbreeding: A stroll through the ghettoes of San Andreas

“Canonical American literature is free of, uninformed, and unshaped by the four-hundred-year-old presence of, first, Africans and then African-Americans in the United States.” I begin with a quote from best-selling author Toni Morrison because I feel that it perfectly encapsulates my main argument for this article. African-American culture has always been a desirable alternative for white cultures; it is seen as a novelty or exotic, against the norm. I believe that what Morrison says about canonical American literature being unshaped by anything African, or African-American, is one of the most significant reasons that some white people often desire an experience in African-American culture. Videogames, in their very nature, offer an opportunity to experience something outside of people’s everyday lives, and should therefore be seen as a perfect example of a desire to experience the ‘other’. One game in particular stands out as a representation of the desirable ‘other’; Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas."

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