It’s all in the presentation: Why I let Driver: San Francisco get away with poor driving

"Gran Turismo 5 and Need for Speed: Shift were messes in my eyes for a number of reasons, but a big sticking point was how the results of my driving felt disconnected from the game’s feedback. The cars would look like they were moving relatively slow and upon getting to a corner, while hitting the breaks I would find myself flying off the track sideways and crashing into the wall. Upon which I’d lose 1st or 2nd place and never be able to catch up for the rest of the race. It wasn’t that my skill weren’t enough to pull off the maneuvering necessary, but that I felt I was and the game said otherwise.

This same story happened over and over in Driver: San Francisco, and this time in crowded city streets. However, instead of wanting to break something I found myself thinking “totally freaking sweet.” Why? It’s all in the presentation."

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byrnezy2197d ago

The first paragraph of this article shows clearly to me you have no idea about driving sim games.

oneangle2196d ago

Sounds to me like this person has no business playing driving sims at all in the first place.

Pintheshadows2196d ago

So basically you're terrible at racing games and because of this think they are bad. You are a mug.