5 Reasons I’m Totally Not Nervous About Mass Effect 3

Kirk Hamilton (Kotaku Editor): Man, what the heck is this guy on about? He is clearly just trolling for pageviews. I mean come on Kotaku, no one should be nervous about Mass Effect 3. There are so many reasons to believe that the game will, in fact, be the best Mass Effect yet.

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Megaton2382d ago

Lair of the Shadow Broker was excellent. I was afraid they were gonna chicken out and not expose who he really was, letting it continue as a loose end, but they put everything out there in a very satisfying way.

49erguy2382d ago

I am not at all nervous because I'm pretty sure ME3 will be superb. Ironically, I would not have used any of these reasons to prove my case.

Brownghost2382d ago

I'm happy it's becoming more rpg than the second

Hicken2382d ago

Whether it's a good game or not, why should you be nervous?

49erguy2382d ago

We Mass Effect fans love the series' story, characters and overall universe. None of us want to see it handled carelessly or god-forbid, completely fucked up-hence the nervousness.

SolidGear32382d ago

It's Mass Effect.. What's their to be nervous about?

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