Starhawk – PS+ Public Beta Begins Next Week

MP1st - The official date for Starhawk Public Beta has finally been set.

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BitbyDeath2382d ago

Cool, although i didn't play the beta as often as i should have i am getting withdrawl now that it is gone.

Bring on the Public beta, i can't wait to see the new flight system.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2382d ago

Almost forgot about my Uncharted 3 code...

gtxgamer22382d ago

yeah what happen with that!? my PS+ subscription ran out :'{

Fylus2382d ago

Yeah, I got a code from my Uncharted 3 too. If the beta is public, does that mean our codes are meaningless or what?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2382d ago

It's only public for plus members, the uncharted 3 code beta will prolly be a week or so after that. And the real public beta will prolly be a week or so after that.

Fylus2382d ago

Well I have to say that's some crap. This damn game is taking waaaay too long to come out, I wanna play it already!

Tripl3seis2382d ago

hell yea cant wait to play it!!!