Destructoid: Review: AMY

By all accounts, the story is a Frankenstein's Monster of weary horror tropes and cardboard characters, treading familiar ground as telekinetic little girl avoids conspiracies, soldiers, and the cannibal dead. On its own, that's not such a bad thing -- the plot is at least inoffensive, making it the best thing AMY has going for it. This tendency to liberally pilfer ideas from other horror works, however, is something of a defining trait.

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golsilva2383d ago

anyone think destructoid wanted to outdo ign's review (2/10)?

2383d ago
geddesmond2383d ago

The games trailer looks horrible. What goes through some developers minds when they create some of these games. Do they play games themselves or what.

Hey lets make a game where you move boxes from one side of a map to the other and you have to do it as fast as you can. Yeah and give it PS2 graphics as well. Should sell great and score great too lol.

admiralvic2383d ago

Usually they price it cheaply and people write off many short comings. Like this is "10" so people usually go "its good for 10 dollars" and thus the scores are usually higher... this is despite some games being amazingly high quality for 10 usd. A prime example would be Minna de Spelunker/Spelunker HD which is 10, but is easily on par with a retail title.

sonicsidewinder2383d ago

Was never even following this game, but I thought it was supposed to be something big people were waiting for.

Anyway. Sweep it under the rug and lets move on.

Ness-Psi2383d ago

i was playing this earlier and to be honest its pretty good why these magazines are marking it so low i don't know i have played much worse than this. the graphics might not be the best and the fighting is a bit ropey, (dialogue is cheesy, but haven't these guys played the original resident evil?) but i wouldn't rate it as low as these guy's. I'm sure they will add more stuff with dlc and improve bits with updates (like every other game released lately).

I'd give it a 6/10. and this is my opinion! lol.