GameDaily The Orange Box PS3 - Allow us to introduce you to the Xbox 360 version's slower yet still enjoyable cousin

GameDaily writes:

"Half-Life 2: The Orange Box is a collection of five superb shooters value priced at $59.99. Valve blends its older games with newer content, delivering an essential bundle only a fool would ignore, unless said fool demands the best version. Although the PS3 edition is lots of fun, it runs noticeably slower than its Xbox 360 counterpart."

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mighty_douche3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

but dont take that as a sign of POWER!! simple, thats what happens when a quality developer like Valve allows EA to get anywhere near it.

InMyOpinion3905d ago

True. Look at Bioshock, Halo 3, PGR4 or Mass Effect as signs of power instead =)

rofldings3905d ago

Really? You're going to give Halo 3 and Mass effect as examples of Power?

Bioshock looks better on my PC.

mighty_douche3905d ago

PC version will ALWAYS look better than console counterparts, but at a cost!

JsonHenry3904d ago

Someone needs to start a tally of the games that are better on the Xbox 360 versus the PS3. That way when Sony tells us that the PS3 is about "potential" we can throw it in their faces and tell them it is time to live up to said "potential" or I am selling my damn near always inferior PS3 to make room for the better system.

The_Engineer3904d ago

the best version of a game that looks like crap on the 360??

somehow I think Ps3 owners will be able to survive this

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DEADEND3905d ago

Unless someone gets me this for XMAS there's no way I'm playing it and that's sad because I really wanted to buy it, it was on my top 5 games to get this holiday session. Hey this is what you get when you give a EA a game to work on, but most importantly I blame VALVE for giving it to EA because they knew they were going to do a crappy job on this port.

lovedaddy3905d ago

Its almost like Valve didn't want more money. To be honest, I'd probably buy it if EA came out and went "yep, rushed out for xmas, made a bit of a shod job, but there will be a patch by end of Jan" or something

RudeSole Devil3905d ago

Time and time again this keeps happing with ports. From now on I will never buy games that are cross platform for PS3 again. One example is Call of Duty 4; although it looks great on PS3, it still looks better on Xbox 360 (I own both games and systems). Stick with exclusives until developers make the PS3 their primary UPC (if ever).

TANOD3905d ago

GAMEZONE gave PS3 version 9.6 and x360 version 9.5

PS3 version also scored higher in graphics

Danja3905d ago

COD4 looks better on the 360..? uhh you sure...Nope there pretty equal..dude...quit with the BS

and you do realise that EA made the PS3 version right...what did you expect..?

the days of Bad PS3 ports are coming to an End...and the PS3 1st party games literally put that of the 360 to shame....haha 2008 FTW...!!

chanto233905d ago

The PS3 version looks slightly better than the 360 version...

But i have to say that when i used to play on a VIORE 720p HDTv the 360 did look better, now that i bought the Samsung 1080p HDTV the PS3 version looks TV's make a difference...

jiggyjay3905d ago

Yeah it looks the same! Sad for PS3 owners because they expected next gen to start when the PS3 launched! The only thing different with the PS3 and 360 version is the 360 version has better online, has rumble already!

RudeSole Devil3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

COD4 on the PS3 looks and plays great, but some textures on the Xbox 360 version look better. I have no reason to lie, I own both games.

chester3905d ago

the ONLY way someone thinks Call of Duty 4 looks better on one platform over another is if they are looking for one to be better then the other. they ran side by side comparisons of the game and it was without a doubt the most consistent game across the two platforms that has been released to date. personal bias is the only thing that makes one look better then the other.

Baron793905d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

If you read the article shawnpfiore linked , it does say "There's the occasional better-looking texture on 360"

Also, I am tired of $hitty PS3 ports. I own 1 game for the thing. DMC4 is the next multi-platform game I will get, and I plan on getting it for the PS3. But not without waiting for reviews of both versions. The proof is there, besides CoD4, most PS3 ports are horrendous.

uxo223905d ago

Although you are correct gamezone scored (COD4) the ps3 version a 96 with a graphics subscore of 9.7 and the 360 version a 95 with a graphics subscore of 9.5. How are you going to base which one is better based on a single review or a simple opinion.

Not to mention, that particular tactic is very simple to duplicate the other way around. For example base on reviews at, Ferrago scored the ps3 version a 90 and the 360 version a 95, Game Chronicles scored the ps3 version a 96 and the 360 version a 98. See what I mean these thing mean nothing.

Both games have a metascore of 9.4 which means IMO that they are equally good and both top quality titles. The fact that the 360 is quoted as being slightly faster than the ps3 version (Orange Box) is once again something said by a reviewer, and to be honest with you, as long as the game runs well and plays well, why should anyone truly care if it runs slightly faster. It's not like they can play cross platform against one another.

You guys will argue over ANYTHING, and I MEAN ANYTHING.

Big Jim3904d ago

For everyone saying that COD4 looks identical on both consoles, or that the PS3 version looks better, have you played the game on both consoles? I rented COD4 for the PS3 and 360 at the same time and played them on the same TV, on the same settings, both using component cables, and there is no question that the 360 version looks better. A lot better in fact. The textures are much, much worse for the PS3, and the aliasing is much, much worse for the PS3. Actually, the lighting is worse for the PS3 also. The PS3 version honestly looks really bad in comparison. Don't believe EA when they try to tell you that both versions look identical. Thats trash.

sniddles3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

look at this, for the most part they look the exact same to me, BUT,
there are parts of the game where 360 has better textures, cmon guys, we already know this!!.

Look at the car-ride pic, look at his hat and the headrest, and tell me which looks better, look at the pic below that of Asad and look at the pockets on his vest, etc. LOOK REAL CLOSE.. AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK..the rest there is so little difference, but here and there, 360 comes out on top..

JasonPC360PS3Wii3904d ago

Here I'll prove it.

All games but Oblivion look better on the 360, the world keeps telling you that but your all deaf.

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cow moolester3905d ago

Slower than the 360 version?WTF! 360 version was slow as it is...

HarryEtTubMan3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

I just got my PS3 and am SOOO excited for it. As for the orange box I have it rented and its good on my 360... Considering it got a 8.6 from IGN its not that bad. This is a good game I owuldnt miss out on. OS3 will become the lead SKU more and more jst as midwayt and Epic said they will start doing. It just works better that way. The PS3 userbase is growing alot. Let it grow.

Good comment Razer... see I REALLY own both consoles and obviously if u own the 360 get it on that but if u don't this game isn't gonna be a bomb on the PS3. We are gonna see lead SKU's changing also beucase the other way just makes crappy PS3 ports while every developer that has tried it says the 360 ports run great

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