Notch: “No sane person can be for SOPA”

A growing chorus of developers, publishers and even congressmen are voicing their opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act currently working its way through US Congress. Notch, creator of Minecraft, is one of those people.

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zeal0us2236d ago

EA, Crapcom, Nintendo, Sony, M$, Square Enix,NVIDIA, Take-Two, Warner Bros, Konami, Namco....Thats just the tip of the iceberg for those who support it.

M$ seem to be for it but also against it as BSA...which hardly make any sense.

Crapcom and some other companies are hiding behind the ESA.

arjman2235d ago

Nvidia are against it, EA and Capcom were dodging the question according to your link.

ShoryukenII2235d ago

I thought that Sony, Nintendo and EA pulled out.

vayacondiosamigo2235d ago

I have emailed all my congressional representatives, and I got one reply. Diane Feinstein is a staunch supporter of SOPA and PIPA. :( Everyone EMAIL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES! Let your voice be heard.

KillerPwned2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

That won't do anything you need to let them know that you actually wanna talk to one and if you can't then you will start a grassroots movement. The trick is to scare them without making any threats.

Because once you make a threat that is a federal crime. Just research it and you will learn the ways.

Reps will never just talk to anyone.

Rai2235d ago

thats right...the key word is "sane" the U.S government isn't

ShoryukenII2235d ago

They dropped not one but two nukes on Japan for god's sake! The people living there would've been better off being on the Sun. It was that hot. The mushroom cloud was their remains. It's scary to know that people would actually do that. So yeah, they aren't sane. They never have been.

kma2k2235d ago

Having hear of this & read about it & heard of how many pepole are against it & how crazy it is....i fully expect this to pass & be enacted ASAP! Horible but sad to say we all know who is in charge here & it isnt any of us!

jessupj2235d ago

You Americans need to stop letting your joke of a government push you around. They should be afraid of you, not the other way round. You need to protest the hell out of this.

KillerPwned2234d ago

I completely agree with you we need to get out in the open and not stand for this crap no matter what it takes. They are slowly destroying this once great country and no one will stand up to them. We have the liberty and the power to change what we see fit.

Christopher2234d ago

You do realize why a lot of people are going from supporting to now not supporting SOPA, right? Because of the response from those Americans you're talking about.

It's like you're the guy in the stands telling the pitcher he needs to strike out the batter. The pitcher is way ahead of you on that one already.