Outrage: ModNation Racers Vita Excludes Online Racing

"Half of the appeal of the Vita is that it's supposed to be this portable gaming device that destroys all competitors in terms of raw technical power and the cool shit that it can do. How is it, then, that it lacks the online that the 6-year-old PSP pulls off? Not including ModSpot, okay. Sure, if you want it to be PS3-only like that, whatever, but to remove the online competition? Oh come on." -Heath of Game Revolution shares his take on the recent, disappointing news from San Diego Studio.

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jujubee882234d ago

For shame! For shame!

No online multiplayer in a racing game built on customization and battle and style elements?

As far as budgeting price, performance, etc in a game goes, cutting off online multiplayer for a game like this? Really?

People would pay an extra $10 USD on top of the $29 USD price tag. Now for that same $29 USD, other people would much rather put that money towards buying something else. Perhaps a used copy of Uncharted: Golden Abyss? Who knows.

. . . Gosh, even in a used copy bin this game would not attract me now. :(

Bundi2234d ago

I'm going to try out a conspiracy.
PSN Pass 2.0 Multiplayer mode DLC incoming for $5 - $10. SONY is testing out charging for their online service and this is the best way to do it without risking upsetting too many people if it fails.
If enough people buy the mode then more and more games will have the multiplayer mode locked, or rather "optional" to be purchased for $5. Boom, profit.
You heard hear first folks. . .unless of course it doesn't happen. In that case lets just forget I said anything.

Sev2234d ago

That's possible, but unlikely. A more likely scenario is that they couldn't polish online enough before launch, and decided to drop it to ensure the PlayStation Vita has plenty of software on day one.

A system only needs a few strong games at launch, the rest, are the sacrificial lambs. They're there for two reasons, to snag and grab users who have a shiny new device and want more than a couple games for it, and to occupy space, a space that only serves to bolster the "OMG the Vita launched with 20 titles" number.

cpayne932234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Very disapointing, don't believe I will buy it now. Heck, if mario kart ds had online, why can't this?

Edit: Didn't the psp version also have online?

knifefight2233d ago

Yeah, the PSP had online play. And is still fun as heck.

pythonxz2234d ago

Next we will hear that LittleBigPlanet has no online play of any kind.

supremacy2234d ago

This is sad to say the least.

I believe every game on both ps vita and ps3 should not only have an online component to it, but also like wipeout feature cross platform play.

Its the way of the future. Sony needs to stick with it or lose on public interest.

D3stinySm4sher2234d ago

Is this CONFIRMED, though? That it won't have online?

knifefight2233d ago

That's Sony San Diego saying twice on teh PS Blog that it'll have online leader boards, best times, and "Near" local play enhancement, but no online racing against other people. Two guys right in the same chat. I didn't want to believe it either, but it's not been explicitly stated. =/

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