Sony Encouraged by Strong 3DS Sales

Thanks to the success of smartphones such as the iPhone and tablets like the iPad, we've heard many people question the future of the dedicated portable game system in recent years. Questions like, "Who wants a system with $40 games that does little beyond playing games when you could get a phone that has much cheaper games and does so much more?" have been uttered countless times, although that hasn't stopped Sony or Nintendo from moving forward with new handhelds. While the 3DS struggled early on, it's done very well as of late, particularly during the holidays, and even Sony is taking that as a promising sign.

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klecser2104d ago

Sony should be pleased by the 3DS sales. Vita and 3DS target different demographics and if one can sell well it likely means that the other can as well.

Sony and Nintendo need each other to stay relevant and competing with each other will be much healthier for handheld gaming than try to stomp the other one into the dust.

I hope they both do well.

ronin4life2104d ago

Yes, this is true. Well said.

ronin4life2104d ago

...didn't Sony say something very similar with the ds~psp... or one of their other products in a similar situation?