Sony responds to December 2011 NPD

Sony has responded to the latest NPD report.

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YodaCracker2323d ago

Why are they hiding the NPD sales numbers again? What are they afraid of? They just go right to their worldwide shipment numbers. This is hardly responding to the NPD.

Zechs342323d ago

Because WW numbers and infinitely more important than US numbers. My thoughts, anyway.

Captain Tuttle2323d ago

And here you are in a thread about US numbers...

BrutallyBlunt2323d ago

That may be true but the topic is about NPD numbers and they as far I know don't track worldwide numbers. Sony doesn't want to divulge actual numbers any more now that they don't have to.

blumatt2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

Yeah, I agree. It doesn't matter where you sell the consoles. It simply matters that they're selling. And, in Sony's case, that they're probably going to overtake the competition pretty soon.

No company cares WHERE they sell their product, just that it sells.

Didn't they report that they sold 3.9 Million worldwide between November and December 2011? That's pretty impressive if you ask me. I could care less where they sold them at. I really could care less about sales period. All I care about are GAMES and Sony has no problem giving me those, so I'm happy regardless.
----------------------------- -----------------------

@IHateYouFanboys (below)
Are you deliberately trying to get flagged for Trolling? lol You're trying to start a flamewar for no reason. Just stop while you're ahead, man.

And I'm pretty sure if you accounted for all the RRoD consoles, that "lead" you're talking about would be non-existent, but since there's no real way to track that, I'll let you continue living in fantasy land, a beautiful place with Xbox Rainbows and unicorns, a place where RRoD doesn't exist. lmao

darthv722323d ago

ww numbers may be more important than US numbers but let that be spoken in a "WW" numbers article. At least MS was relevant to the topic at hand of NPD sales. Sony .... not so much and that is what makes people like Yoda (up there) question it.

All in all it was an excellent year in gaming sales.

sikbeta2323d ago

They show the numbers when are good, so do the math :P

silvacrest2323d ago

what is this nonsense about "this is a npd thread so we dont want to hear about WW"

MS share npd numbers because its their best region, simple, you wont ever hear them boast about japan numbers, the same cant be said for sony but as always, WW looks great im guessing

morganfell2323d ago


Did Sony answer a direct question. No? Should they have? Yes.

That said, some people prefer to only know part of the truth... the convenient part that suits their agenda.

Also Yoda asked a question and he was provided an answer. In this big wide world there are some people just can't handle the answer...or the truth.

We have already seen the same show on the other foot. People were posting on this board stating that they only care about what happens in their territory because that is all that affects the!??? They will fly the truth out the window and then board up the house. I can only imagine their reaction when mid April arrives.

darthv722322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

So basically i see this kind of response from sony like how in a political debate when a question is asked and there is no direct answer, the candidates find that opportunity to discuss something else.

Here is an example:
Question: "candidate, in what ways would you change healthcare to benefit the public?

Answer: "healthcare is a very important to me and I assure that this campaign would devote time to fulfilling the needs of the public. But i want to talk about gun control and how we need to be more assertive in keeping the streets safe......"

That was just something I thought up for this post but you can see how there was no direct answer to the topic at hand and that it was changed to suit the person answering.

Another good example of not really staying on topic is... Has anyone seen the movie bill and ted excellent adventure? I know that may be silly to ask but Im sure there are some who didnt. Anyways, the scene in particular is when the jock was up at the podium and supposed to be giving his report on historical figures and their view of san dimas. He was rambling and was clearly out of relevant information. So what does he do?

He screams out "San dimas high school football team rules" and that gets the crowd all whooping and hollering. It also made the teacher facepalm and shake his head in disbelief.

Basically going from the topic to something else to rally the crowd and get him through that scene. In essence, Sony has done something similar. Rather than really responding to "NPD" numbers they side tracked that topic and changed it to reflect on their overall numbers.

Overall is the more important but that should be relevant to the report for "overall". I just find it humorous. MS is not saint either so dont go thinking they are innocent in the matter but they at least were on topic.

So if its ok for sony to make a general statement how the NPD numbers contributed to the overall total. It should be ok for MS to do the same with stating how their numbers in the US are when responding to tally's from other regions.

Sony: The NPD numbers were good but our numbers overall were even better.

MS: the (insert region) numbers were good but our numbers in the US are the best we've had.

See how it works?

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EasilyTheBest2323d ago

So what are Sonys worldwide numbers to Dec 31 2011?
Its just stupid if we have to wait till the end of March for the numbers. I want to know.
Have Microsoft increased their sales lead or has Sony closed it.
Who the hells in 2nd place now?

gamingdroid2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

MS has further pulled away judging by the numbers given from both Sony and MS. Consider:

* MS sold roughly 10 million consoles in Oct-Dec Worldwide

* Sony sold roughly 4 million consoles in Nov-Dec Worlwide

Nov-Dec is the hottest selling season of the year, so there is almost no way Sony can catch up in October unless Sony. The gap is 5-6 million consoles.

Earlier in the year, MS pulled ahead, then Sony matched it, which I'm guessing evens out.

No need to be mad, Sony is doing fine!

sikbeta2323d ago

@CES Ballmer said that x360 was the best selling console WW, just saying...

Kur02323d ago

Sony's fiscal year is not over yet. They'll announce after q1 this year.

Dante1122323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

In order for Microsoft to have sold 10 million 360s WW with the US NPD numbers currently being 3.9 million sold for Oct-Nove-Dec, wouldn't the 360 have to of sold 6.1 million in Europe as well as other countries together in those same months? Weird thing about this is that the Ps3 was leading the 360 in Europe that year as of October by 1 million (UK is the only territory that the 360 leads in and that usually only by 20 thousand for the month). If the Ps3 ends up still leading in Europe.....


Edit: On top of that, hardware sales were down compare to 2010 for the 360.

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gunnerforlife2323d ago

ummm can someone tell me what ps3 got last year? if they up year over year that means they done good in the us

DonaldBeck2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

@yoda cracker

sony mainly responds worldwide sales and i personally think its better this way since you get the entire total of units sold, and its easier to do it all in one trip instead of counting sales from different country's.

oh and congrats sony.

@i hate you fanboys
dude, all companys have been doing tremendous and thats all that matters, i really do not care who outsells who worldwide because both are firmly set into there respected places in the gaming community. but since you had mentioned it, i must get this out that the ps3 has been outselling the 360 worldwide for years now, but honestly as a gamer when i turn on my ps3 i should not care much about things like that as long as they have met there goals.

darthv722323d ago

that there are the 3 main markets: US, Euro and JP I cant imagine how hard it is to add those together.

In fact, its these companies that gather the information that does the math. If there is something amiss then Im sure MS or Sony or Nintendo will want a recount but for the most part they just wait for the results.

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Krakn3Dfx2322d ago

NPD is a U.S. only number. On top of that, it doesn't cover online sales numbers and sales at a good number of brick and mortar retailers, so it's very much an incomplete picture of overall sales in the U.S.

Sony is also very much a Japanese company that takes worldwide sales into higher regard than U.S. only, which Microsoft, a U.S. company, is happy to parade out since it's where they sell the most consoles.

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Captain Tuttle2323d ago

Must have been a pretty dismal December NPD for Sony, it wasn't great for MS.

GAF will figure out the numbers.

yesmynameissumo2323d ago

They sold 3.9 million between November and December. Dismal? Really?

Zechs342323d ago

He wanted to use a word he just learned... "Dismal"

Captain Tuttle2323d ago

Apparently the PS3 sold around 936,000, it got outsold by the dying and sputtering Wii.

Jihaad_cpt2323d ago

were those numbers on your toilet paper? What was Microsofts Japanese numbers?

BX812322d ago

I had to laugh at the "dying and sputtering Wii". Too funny. I also wonder if sony's sales # have anything to do with the Vita on approach. I know I'm picking what I'm buying now very carefully so I can pay for the vita.

IHateYouFanboys2323d ago ShowReplies(5)
ChiVoLok02323d ago

Why do people care about these numbers, seriously?

BrutallyBlunt2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

It's now just a point of interest for many. Aside from the fanboys who act like cheerleaders it doesn't really matter any more. Each system now has its install base and have lots of game support. The Playstation 2 used to get all the games from 3rd party publishers, that is no longer the case and from here on out will continue that trend. Sony has the strongest support from its own studios and that is great for Playstation 3 owners.

So the numbers now don't mean much but you still want the system to do well if you want it to continue to get game support. Wii owners will start feeling the pinch as publishers stop supporting it now and shift focus to the Wii U, but as a Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 owner the game support is as strong as ever.

Krakn3Dfx2323d ago

Corporate fanaticism mostly. Somehow these corporations have become the football teams of console gamers. It's kind of creepy, but it's kind of a sign of the times.

PixL2323d ago

Numbers are easy to compare. Just like penises.

ChiVoLok02323d ago

@LevelHead Yeah I thought mostly fanboys cared but if it's for statistical matters then ok I guess it's ok to somewhat care.

@Krankn3Dfx (^^same as above^^) and it sucks consoles have turned into teams, as you say, and that people blindly follow around even when they aren't doing what's right.

@PixL That's funny. Thanks for making me crack up.

P.S. Bubs to all. Thanks.

ZippyZapper2323d ago

You are all on N4G. Now go get your ticket number and have a seat.

RememberThe3572323d ago

Why does Rotten Tomatoes show weekly box office numbers? Curiosity.

AceofStaves2323d ago

It's apples and oranges. Do the movie studios comment on each month's ticket sales and attendance figures?

I've yet to see film studio fanboys cheerleading for the box office receipts of a particular studio.

The 'omg! Paramount completely pwned Lionsgate last month. Lionsgate = FAILZ!!! lololol' posts
or '<Movie Title> bombed in its second week of wide release. WB to exit movie business?' types of articles may exist on film fan boards, but I haven't seen them.

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