Crysis 2 SP Continuum Mod Beta Released; Behold the power of CryEngine 3

DSOGaming writes: "Remember those mind-blowing carage shots of a Crysis 2 mod that were featured in one of our Weekly CryEngine 3 Galleries? No? Shame on you. Modder Tiesto is developing one of the best SP total conversions of Crysis 2 and has released its beta version. To put it simple; this is the best total conversion of Crysis 2. Hell, it even puts Crysis 2 itself to shame."

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meetajhu2348d ago

It looks horrible when played. Please don't say it looks better than crysis 2

steve30x2348d ago

welcome to the world of N4G

GirlsGeneration2348d ago

That mod look pretty good I would play that