Game Industry Sales Plummet in December, Finish Down 8% in 2011

NPD Group released its numbers today for December and all of 2011, and well, it capped off what was largely an ugly year in the physical software business. In December, total industry sales dropped by 21% to $3.99 billion compared to last December's $5.07 billion. Hardware was down 28% and software dipped by 14%. This certainly didn't help the year-end total for 2011, which came to $17.02 billion, down 8% from 2010's $18.59 billion. For the full year, hardware and accessories were each down 11% and software declined six percent.

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donniebaseball2349d ago

Ouch. I surprised December was so low compared to last year.

NYC_Gamer2349d ago

it's hard times for many and all can't afford to spend funds buying hardware/software right now

vortis2349d ago

I wonder how this will affect the Wii U this fall?

Knushwood Butt2349d ago

It's due to the decline of the soccer moms.