DPAD Theseis Preview

The self funded independent game development team, Track7 has been working on their first major title "Theseis." It has been in development for about 2 years and has been steadily gaining visibility due to an increasing budget for video games. Although being an independent video game development company has taken it's toll. Which sadly lead Theseis to being a partially 'invisible game', where not many people know what the game is; or what it's about. Track7 states that they're around 80% complete with the game and are working on their second demo which will be handed out to interested publishers. Being independent has giving Track7 time to build their own engine, which will also be used for future projects.

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Highwayman3788d ago

Hmmm....I actually thought this game had disappeared, it would look more interesting if you played during the time of the roman empire.