Modern Warfare 3 holiday numbers indicate franchise sales decline in UK

While the Call of Duty franchise has enjoyed year-over-year growth in terms of worldwide sales, numbers released this week for the UK tell a different story for that particular region.

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GraveLord2381d ago

Could this be a sign of the franchise peaking? Will the next COD show declines in other countries with the next entry? Let's wait an see!

brodychet2381d ago

it just means everyone else has the game already.

StraightPath2381d ago

Perhaps its about time some other games get the attention of COD and make some good sales.

GSpartan7772381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Errr, seeing as the game already outsold Black Ops, I hardly doubt 452,000 difference in sales this Holiday means a single thing in terms of the series' decline. It could simply mean that people already had the game before Christmas time.

Tenkay232381d ago

I hate CoD with a passion but these articles are trying to hard to degrade it and bring it down. Yeah it sold 452k less, but overall it still is one of the highest selling games in the UK. CoD will not go down this gen, maybe next gen.

vortis2380d ago

Next gen for sure. If they weren't working on a new engine already they're already dated if the new consoles arrive in 2013. Even if they started work on a new engine now it wouldn't be ready or polished in time for a 2013 launch. They would have had to have started back in 2010 but as indicated in that damaging tweet by Bowling, Activision didn't want to put money into a new engine.

You're absolutely right in that CoD will not falter this gen. It's got the market share secured and they can keep rehashing on the fly annually. It will be funny to see Activision fall on its face next year, though, because they really don't have an answer to the FrostBite 2.0 once it gets unleashed on the PS4/720.

nutcrackr2381d ago

Well that is interesting. Do we know the sales in the US?

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