FraggedNation Final Fantasy XIII-2 Preview

The latest Final Fantasy game has released it's demo. Did this sequel to a bomb improve anything, or will this be another stinker for Square-Enix?

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xxxAnubisxxx2382d ago

I actually REALLY enjoyed this demo.. I was surprised

iamtehpwn2382d ago

I did too. It's because Square listened to the fans they produced what appears to be a much better game than XIII. The only thing that worries me is will they *continue* to listen to what the fans want? If they are, FFXV should be something really special.

iamtehpwn2382d ago

XIII-2 was a game's who's premise was design around the idea that it could be created in a relatively short time and high profitability, creating another game within XIII's universe to address the complaints of the original from the fans. From a Business decision, making this game was not only a smart move in terms of profitability which is what all companies aim for, but for reassuring the fans that their voices about the direction they want the Final Fantasy series to go in will be heard.

belac092382d ago

i LOVED the demo, i cant wait for the full game!!