Sympathy For the Devil: Capcom Producer Explains the Nature of DMC 4

A few weeks ago, Newsweek spoke with Hiroyuki Kobayashi about Devil May Cry 4. The first and third games were much-lauded, while the second was generally viewed as a disappointment. So with the fourth game in development, it was reasonable to wonder whether there could be a brewing every-other-game-is-mediocre problem (much like the Call of Duty games made by Treyarch rather than Infinity Ward.) But with Kobayashi having such games under his belt as the highly acclaimed Resident Evil 4 and the defiantly offbeat Killer 7 -- and based on what Newsweek saw recently -- they think fans of the franchise will find themselves entertained.

Newsweek asked Kobayashi why Devil May Cry 4 features a new main character; what he thought of his chief competitors Ninja Gaiden and God of War; and how hard it was to develop for the PS3.

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ForTheFallen3876d ago

Multiplatform = No sale from me.
Simply don't care.

iceice1233876d ago

Hell it is already common enough for you.

Danja3876d ago

Well im a huge fan of DMC1 and im getting this long as it has a deep combo system like DMC3 im good...and a good story..

SO why can't the PS3 get DEAD RISING CAPCOM..!!!

socomnick3876d ago

Im guessing Microsoft purchased dead rising but man I want a Dead Rising 2 already.

jackdoe3876d ago

If their MT engine is developed for on the PC, there is no excuse as to why their PC ports are so godawful.

DarkSniper3876d ago

With this game being lead developed on the PLAYSTATION 3® Home Entertainment System, expect the XBOX 360 version to lag behind significantly with slowdown issues and frame rate problems due to inferior hardware.

But what more can you ask from Microkids who make the decision to JUMP IN the garbage of green. Dark Sniper is sure they will accept the terrible port as is.