Are HD Remakes Worth Your Money?

GamerFitNation: "When a new trend in gaming hits the market, chances are that its longevity is based on how it’s initial debut is perceived. If successful, it can spawn a whole new genre in the business. First person shooters, (Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake) 3rd person shooters (Resident Evil 4, Gears of War, Uncharted) rhythm/music games, (Guitar Hero, Rock Band) motion controls and 3D gaming are all significant milestones in the minds of many gamers."

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darthv722354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

yet these arent single games being given the new coat of paint. They are compilations.

The GoW collection. 2 of the ps2 great action/slash games in one with trophy support.

Ico/SotC collection. I have only played SotC but now i can play revived versions of both it and Ico on one disc with trophy support.

Sly Cooper collection. Never played a sly game but now i can have them all on one disc. With trophy support.

Jak/Daxter collection. I only have the original but now I can have the rest on one disc. With trophy support.

Notice a trend here? You arent just getting the same game as before. You are getting more for your $$$ worth.

I'll even throw a nod over to Halo Anniversary. That game is an excellent revival of the original (no trophy support lol) with achievements and multiplayer.

Metal gear solid collection. Why they didnt stay true to the console editions by way of having in the original (or at least an hd ver of twin snakes) is rather strange. Nothing against peacewalker. I just feel the original should have been included instead.

Devil may cry collection, Ratchet/clank collection, any other game series that spans 2 or more games should get this kind of revival. Even nintendo remade the LoZ on a special collection for the Cube and it was worth the $$$.

If it was just a single game (except halo) then i would say hd remakes arent worth it. You are getting more for less when you figure what these games originally cost in the day and now getting them in one box. I'd like to see some other companies repackage some of their hit titles in similar fashion (i'm looking at you sega).

Oh how I would love an acrade collection from Sega in HD. Outrun, afterburner, hang-on, galaxy force, thunderblade and my harrier. Trophy/achievment and multiplayer support welcome.

Ducky2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

You'd think with Act4 of MGS4, they'd already have most of the assets to recreate MGS1 with the new engine.
(They can still use either the original voice work or TwinSnake's)

MGS1 is on PSN (I think), so having the PS1 version on disc was also a possibility, but it can't really be "remastered" like the other games.

NukaCola2354d ago

I have the Sly Cooper Collection and the ICO/SotC Collection because I didn't play much of them. Only a bit of SotC and only the first Sly game. Got a goood deal on them.

HD collections are a great way of letting newer gen gamers to get to experience games of the past.

EVILDEAD3602354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

God of War HD collection is still one of the best experiences on the PS3.

Especially played back to back..followed by GOW3

I'm a huge fan of Team eyes watered at the announcement of the collection. SOTC was a masterpiece and I literally was going to buy the fat backwards compatible PS3 on the strength of this game.

But, what people don't realize is the ICO/SOTC was also enhanced to play in 3D. I only tried the beginning (as Skyrim took over my entire gaming life) but it is REALLY cool visually.

I love Halo Anniversary and look forward to Devil may cry..ahhh the memories.

They are not only worth the money..they are priceless.


EeJLP-2353d ago (Edited 2353d ago )

This article reminded me to look up some game sales. Picked up God of War: Origins Collection [<$20] and MGS:HD Collection [<$30], among others.

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MariaHelFutura2354d ago

The Team Ico Collection is one of the best discs released this entire generation, if you played the previously or not.

morkendo232353d ago

I agree OLD SCHOOL GAMES should be redone in HD
not only GOW collection but also rachet /clank, jax/daxter,contra,gadius,r-typ e shooter,enhinder to name a few.

chadwarden2354d ago

Yes, if you didn't buy the game(s) the first time around.

MrBeatdown2354d ago

I think it's worth it if you're a fan that owns the original, at least when it comes to the well put together collections. As much as I love Metal Gear, playing through Sons of Liberty to get the platinum trophy, I realized there were so many little things I missed in the original.

SilentNegotiator2353d ago

That's certainly the ideal situation, but I could see myself getting a collection with all games I had played if I REALLY liked them.

DanSolo2354d ago

Depends on the game being made, the quality of the remake, and the price....

Rainstorm812354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Exactly ..... Remakes for the sake of making one with minor to no improvements is dumb because some games are just not worth it

Nate-Dog2354d ago

And the availability of the original game (such as ICO and SoTC or the Sly Cooper games being quite low in availability and expensive if you can find them). It's the only time I think myself that HD remakes are really necessary.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2354d ago

Pftt if it's as good as MGS Collection. Hell yeah. I've spent over 50+ hours on each game in there alone.

soundslike2354d ago

mgs hd collection is godlike

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