Why Doesn't Xbox LIVE Have Age Matching?

Mark Wilson of Kotaku writes:

"Last night I signed on LIVE for a little Team Fortress 2 fun. You see, after Mass Effect dropped, I blacked out for a few weeks. When I woke, aside from realizing that a monkey had written my posts for some time (the experiment was a success, btw), that Orange Box was sorely in need of some attention. So I played some TF2. And then I remembered, again, what I despise most about Xbox LIVE."

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Boink3876d ago

is a great idea, but I've met morons my age as well.

mute button is still the best option.

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Dlacy13g3876d ago

There are morons across the age range. Really the best option is to mute and game on. Age matching sounds nice in theory but I think it might hamper finding games a little more than one would think. Its an extra filter to the system and could make "searching for match" become the most common screen you see.

Just mute the punks and move on already. Thats why they have the feature in the first place.

Rhezin3876d ago

ya little kids can be more tame than teenagers at times. Some teens are just str8 up pu$$ies who talk A LOT of trash

TOM3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

The worst thing i've ran into is a gal singing all game. Never had to deal with any childishness waht-so-ever. All though I have had a few inappropriate pictures sent to me by people on my (ex)friends list. Seems I only run into people who care about their gamer rating,so they don't want to risk a bad review.....lucky me I guess.

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The story is too old to be commented.