CES: How it feels to hold the Wii U controller

Conrad Zimmerman, Destructoid- "I wasn't deemed worthy to see the Wii U at E3, so I made damn sure that I got to put my hands on one here at CES. Nintendo's tablet/controller hybrid is an intriguing move that has the potential to offer some very unique game experiences but only if it feels comfortable to use and, when the device was first revealed, I had some reservations about that.

No longer. What Nintendo has designed here is a thing of beauty."

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Shok2234d ago

Watch how many people DON'T read this and still go on to complain how it looks uncomfortable to hold.

dark-hollow2234d ago

It looks uncomfortable to hold.

kneon2234d ago

And what's with the analog nubs? Why not real sticks?

ABizzel12233d ago

That's great it's comfortable, but the button layout looks weird.

bwazy2234d ago

I'm sorry but I really don't think you can simply read a "preview" and make a judgement (for yourself) without actually trying it. Its a personally subjective.

For example, people say the Xbox 360 controller is far more comfy for extended play than the PS3's, I myself could not disagree more.

So at this point we have every right to say that it looks uncomfortable to hold. I personally think its the equivalence of holding a larger 3DS, which frankly, would most likely crap the **** out of my hands.

Shok2234d ago

It's not just this preview. Every site I've seen, the person who wrote the hands-on said that the controller is comfortable to hold.

I'm saying it's stupid for people to assume the controller is uncomfortable when all they have to do is READ.

admiralthrawn872234d ago

of course you think dualshock is more comfy than 360 gamepad, this is n4g.

To me the Wii-U controller design looks to be the one thing that will get me interested in consoles again. Coupled with Nintendo being one of the only dev's making unique, non typical TPS, FPS games, it seems like a win.

LackTrue4K2234d ago

its a "got to hold it, to know how it feels thing" and the thing that's throwing me off the most is the buttons are under the analog nubs?!?!

Colwyn2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Practically the wii u controller will be uncomfortable to hold for an extended period of time just like the 3ds and anything with a square shape. It's all about not being ergonomically designed for comfort so it doesn't matter about holding it for 5- 10 mins because there aren't any games being tested out for any long period. People should think and realize the difference from older controllers from years ago like the nes, super nes , sega gen and others compared to controllers like the dual shock 3. The dual shock is built for extreme comfort where normal people with normal hands can play for hours without much cramping. I don't need to use the wii us controller to know that I won't like it for playing games because I can use my iPad for reference or something similar. If Nintendo expects to capture the hardcore crowd that plays for extented periods of time, they need a proper controller and I vote for the wavebird. Anyone who disagrees with me about the " big square" is an idiot and I welcome it

dark-hollow2234d ago

Ipad and wii u controller are not the same!!
From head on, they are both squre shaped, but the ipad is so thin and flat from the back!!!

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jacen1002234d ago

yea pure ignorance, personally i cant wait to get a hold of the wiiU its gonna be a great console the control looks amazing and it has loads of potential, roll on E3 2012

MoreRPG2234d ago

i really hope developers get the most out the Wii U

Abdou232234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

Ipad is even better

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