Indigo Prophecy Video Retrospective (BnBGaming)

We honor the cult hit – and spiritual predecessor to Quantic Dream’s interactive thriller – with an Instant Replay video retrospective.

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DonaldBeck2234d ago

this game is so underrated its unbelievable. on the next ps3 quantic dreams game they should add this one on the same bluray as a bonus, or atleast put it on psn.

L6RD7BLU32234d ago

Indigo Prophecy is real good!

Raoh2234d ago

Yeah, very underrated. From the first time I picked it up I was hooked.

Handling the characters mood and playing different characters was all well done.

I still remember that first scene in the diner bathroom and that apartment scene when the cops are knocking on your door and you have to get rid of the evidence and open the door in time.

A psn download would be nice. Its up for download on xbl, download it people you will not be disappointed. Steam doesn't have it, gog does though.

People are also sleeping on heavy rain. I'd like to see quantic dream work with valve. Valve could help quantic dream redefine some of their gameplay mechanics.

urwifeminder2234d ago

I enjoyed the start but never finished it i think nomad soul is still quantics best game Heavy rain was ok i finished that at least.

SolidGear32233d ago

Love this. I want this and Nomad on PSN!