Halo 3 Map Pack Out. Who Cares?

U.G.O writes: "The emphasis in that title should be clear. I wasn't being sarcastic, I seriously want to know, how many of you will actually be going out (or rather sitting on the couch) and throwing down cold, hard Microsoft points for three new Halo maps?".

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boodybandit3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

I was really into Halo 3 until COD4 came out and I haven't played it since. Halo 3 was a blast but I like what IW did with COD4 more. I don't think I will go back to it but I always think that and usually end up revisiting old titles during slow months (Spring).

How crowded are the Halo servers today?
Have they dropped off drastically, some, or not at all since COD4 hit?

Dukester1013905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

I've been playing Halo 3 less and less since I got CoD4 and I hate going back and forth.

I love Halo (in fact, people even call me a Halo freak sometimes), but I've loved it for it's story, not its MP which is trumped by CoD4 IMO. If only CoD had the replay and screenshot feature... then it'd be AAA.

Naturally, I'll grab the maps when they're free... no need to drop $10 on something that should have been included in the game (especially the new Forge features as I love Forge, but it is limited).

jmoneezie3905d ago

@dk_2ka - although you were not trying to be sarcastic, you were trying to be a jerk. (And you succeeded) If you knew anything about writing, you would know that unless you are trying to start something you should not title a submittal the way you did.

I guess you just wanted some attention. If you were curious who was interested in buying the maps you could have addressed that as a comment instead of putting your question out there in neon lights so to speak. But, it's cool I would expect nothing less from some of you guys on N4G, you're just a bunch of firestarters.

@Dukester101 - Funny you should say that, being you played halo3 But, it's not my business anyway.

halo3betasnatch out3905d ago

yeah same, I'm a big halo fan but i think Bungie could of done alot better with the games, what I'm really into is the phenomenal story!

lou3905d ago

I have COD4 and I picked up Unreal Tournament III today on the PS3 so why would I want to play Halo 3. Plus everyone is playing Mass Effect or Uncharted, Orange Box on the PS3

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Douchebaggery3905d ago

I'm gonna get them when they're free.

InMyOpinion3905d ago

It's about time for MS to understand that this form of marketing is only making gamers hostile towards them. The maps should be free.

soulhonda3904d ago

I totally agree with Jenzo above. Why would anyone buy these map packs knowing that they will be free in Spring? Riddle me that BATMAN!


Who cares ? Probably the 5 million plus who bought the game.

3905d ago
BloodySinner3905d ago

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Shaka2K63905d ago

Who cares about generic halo 2.1 pls.

jmoneezie3905d ago

I have never ever seen a game that has generated as much hate as halo3 has done with the typical sony fanboy. Halo 3 must give you guys nightmares, because you folk never pass up an opportunity to lend a couple words to the halo hate library. It's kinda pathetic.

First off, the game is NOT bad, it's actually a very good if not great game. Perhaps 360 fanboys would hate R/C and uncharted if they sold the way halo3 did. (oh well, pipe dream) I'm just saying, the only thing halo3 did was sell, it didn't talk about anyone mom, date anyone sister, rob any old ladies, it just sold and now it's hated by PS3 Fanboys all over the globe...SAD!

PS3PCFTW3905d ago


its more like laughter.

i point and laugh at it.........

KingME3905d ago

I see you're still out trolling. You are one poor angry, depressed soul. I actually feel sorry for you man. You must have been beaten by 360 people on the 360th day of the year while 360 people watched and laughed at you for another 360 days for you to have this much hate for the xbox

Spydiggity3905d ago

what a coincidence, now we're all pointing and laughing at you

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DarkSniper3905d ago

Halo 3 is nothing more than the Trojan horse used by Microsoft to extract funds from the hard working slaves of XBOX Live. Not only are you just only receiving three maps, but you will not be able to pay a solid dollar amount to make the purchase. Microsoft points were designed for consumers to overpay and then recieve products that under-deliver.

The Playstation Network has garnered the identity of the most user friendly market combined with open source tools. On the PLAYSTATION 3®, the competing title Unreal Tournament 3 has provided gamers with an unlimited amount of extra maps, and the ability to use these maps at no charge. Completely free. This feature alone helps the PS3 gain a significant advantage over the vastly inferior XBOX 360 console.

By spending so much money on Microsoft points, Microkids are doing nothing but JUMPING IN debt even further.


Honeal2g3905d ago

these fanboys just never halo is not good dont buy (goes on to sell over 4 millions copies)360 has the highest attach ratio.. its ppl like you that give sony a bad image...i mean u talk that system up to death yet they cant sell games to save there life. why is that? you guys scream blu-ray when some one says something positive about x360 is better yet ppl buy videogame systems ot play games not watch movies ...

And you guys obviously feel threatend by this game because u actually clicked the link to comment on a game that has nothin to do with ps3. its evident halo3 has gotten under your skin ...that game alone has sold more copies than a handfull of ps3 games put together... and trust me i plan on buying a ps3 but i;m waiting for an exclusive that is actually exclusive...ff13 , killzone etc etc. go crawl back in your whole and do something ....

About the maps i downloaded them stand off and foundary are pretty sick maps ..havent tried out rats nest yet i;m out!

XxZxX3905d ago

yeah go ahead and enjoy a game that even a 9 years old kid can be pro of this games. LOL

R M Spender3905d ago

the maps prob should be waited for but i got em and played and there were about 40,000 people playing so i guess that who is gonna buy it. and i gotta say that they were the worst of the worst when it came to racist trash talkers but hey.

Spydiggity3905d ago

hate to break it to you XxZxX...9 year olds are kicking our asses in every game.

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