Nyko's PS Vita external battery looks sweet, will arrive this spring

Arstechnica- The PlayStation Vita is expected to last for around three to five hours of battery life while playing games, and that's just not enough. If you're on a long flight, stuck in a boring movie, or suffering from an extreme bout of the stomach flu, you're going to want more juice. Nyko has you covered with its upcoming external battery.

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ElementX2262d ago

I don't think it looks "sweet"

CynicalVision2262d ago

'stuck in a boring movie'

Eh? If it was boring then you wouldn't be watching it.

Neo Nugget2262d ago

You could be trapped inside the theater against your will. Somebody could be waiting outside with a squirt-gun or perhaps a butter knife ready to strike you down if you don't sit through the latest Rotten Tomato sticker.

This is where the external pack will come in handy.

Spitfire_Riggz2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Even so most movies nowadays dont last more than an hour and a half. Even if you have used your VITA you should still have enough juice to get you through

I do love the little dualshock style appendages though. Definitely give it the "home console on the go" feel

TheHardware2262d ago

"Nyko's PS Vita external battery will arrive this spring"


Razongunz2261d ago

bah..i don't care..nyko only releases products in the states..

i was hyped about the 3ds nyko battery, then i found out its only in US..same shit with this one :/

moparful992261d ago

Seems unnecessary.. When at home you could plug into wall, ps3, laptop, desktop, or get the sony vita dock like me.. If you are always on the go keep a charger handy in your car or plug it into ur cd player if it has a usb port... Heck I plan on using my vita as a gps while in my car so I'm making a custom setup/dock for simple plug n play operation.. On a bus? Whens the last time you were on a public transit bus for more then an hour? Same with a train... Going cross country bring a lap top and bam you have tonss of battery life...