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NukaCola2262d ago

A lot of hate on this game, but it's got an Arkham-like MetroidVania style and I think sidequesting and exploration will really drive the life of the town. I love the idea of an open horror game. Something Alan Wake could of delivered but didn't in the end. Also the game is a lot better now than first shown. It's going to be good I think.

Sugreev20012262d ago

I agree with everything you said.Alan Wake was a decent game,but it didn't deliver on the hype...particularly with that half-baked ending.Anyway,I hope Downpour puts the Silent Hill series back in the forefront of it's genre.

Acquiescence2262d ago

In fact they're over a year old! I recall seeing them back when GameInformer unveiled its Downpour exclusive article. Who the hell approves this crap, seriously.

As for the game, now that we have a solid release date I can properly engage in hype mode and count down the days to its release. Open-world Silent Hill is an exciting proposition.

camel_toad2262d ago

I reaally hope this one turns out great. Been a while since I've been excited about a Silent Hill game.