The PlayStation Vita is not doomed

Sony spent plenty of money bringing the Vita to life, and they will do everything in their power to make the portable a success.

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THR1LLHOUSE2382d ago

People are always eager to get their I-told-you-sos out there, so it's not all that surprising that everyone's ready to declare the Vita a failure. Doesn't this sort of thing happen with almost every system?

MasterCornholio2382d ago

Remember when Fanboys were screaming thate PS3 has no games? Now the PS3 is one of the consoles with the best library of games.

It's actually kind of sad how some people want the Vita to fail because it's not made by Nintendo.


lorianguy2382d ago

Yep, overall there seems to be a lot of Sony bashing and Nintendo bashing "I want the Vita/3DS to fail", etc.

Yet there is little bashing of Microsoft and other hardware providers like OnLive going around.

SquidBuck2382d ago


Pikajew2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

"It's actually kind of sad how some people want the Vita to fail because it's not made by Nintendo" Thats ignorant to say. I never seen someone say that. And the 3DS also got doom articles so so it makes no sense. Its kind of sad how you think.

MasterCornholio2382d ago

I am pretty aware that Nintendo gets bashed a lot as well. Here are some quotes from YouTube.

" The 3DSs circle pad is complete garbage compared to the Vitas dual analog sticks"

" The 3DS is a kiddy toy while the Vita is a device for mature hardcore gamers"

"Nintendo claim they are taking a loss but in reality they are still ripping people off even with the 3DS priced at 170€"

"Nintendo should knock off the old franchises and create something new for once."


Yes there are plenty if comments like that on youtube.

"The Vita should fail because Nintendo are the only ones who do a good job with handhelds"

" It doesn't have Mario so it's going to fail hard"

"Pfffft Its by Sony so it's crap"

On the internet you can find anything.


Why o why2382d ago

ha ...thas a lotta hate there master C

It always happens and its sad but its part of the industry ...ef it its part of media .

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MAiKU2382d ago

Welcome to the world of console wars. Where the truth is diluted and the only the media hyped opinion reigns.


N4G has been a bit better then what it was last year or so.

darthv722382d ago

gaming is like politics. You will have your supporters that can be respectful and then you will have the supporters that are the mud slingers.

Yet its the mudslingers that get all the attention and ruin it for the rest. As to if the vita will fail is completely dependent on the consumer appeal. No doubt there will be a variety of titles for different gamers.

Where I see gamers buying will be when the library is diverse enough for their individual tastes. There will be the ones that just have to have it no matter the games and then the ones who are waiting for their game to be available for it.

Doom and gloom articles are already being thought of for the next gen of hardware and nothing (other than wii-u) has officially been revealed. Still, if an announcement were to be made, sure enough you will have the mud slingers there to object.

just_looken2382d ago

seriously also im thankfull there is no psvita sucks songs man the ps3 sucks songs were fn annoying

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NagaSotuva2382d ago

After struggling with iPhone touch-controlled games, I'm even more excited about the PS Vita.

Virtual_Reality2382d ago

The Phones doesn't even have proper control layout for different types of games, let alone Online gaming as PS Vita with PSN.

moparful992381d ago

I made the mistake of paying full price for a gt racing game on my iphone and quickly realized the gravity of my decision.. You accelerate and brake by pressing "virtual buttons on the screen and steer by tilting the phone... So trying to see the screen while your thumbs block half the screen and tilting is soooooooooo frustrating.. Then I tried playing dead space 2 on my friends ipad and the controls were convoluted and didn't flow well.. So as far as dedicated gaming is concerened these smart phones are garbage.. Small bite sized casual games? they do fine.. Why else do you think angry birds, cut the rope, and words with friends owns that market.. As far as I am concerned the Vita is the most complete and balanced handheld to date period..

Yodagamer2382d ago

o really you don't say, of course it wasn't gonna be doomed

MetalX2382d ago

Yes it is, and so is the 3DS. Well thats what i read an iphone dev saying on an apple fanboy website so it must be true, it just MUST be. /s

whothedog2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

Did people really think it was doomed? I thought they were just goof articles.

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