Punch Jump: Uncharted: Golden Abyss PS Vita gripping in preview

Sony Corp. this week demonstrated Uncharted: Golden Abyss for the Playstation Vita at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV.

The Uncharted: Golden Abyss preview demo began with Nathan Drake trapped in a room that requires platforming skills to exit.

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NukaCola2378d ago (Edited 2378d ago )

I watched the end of chapter 2 going into Chapter 3 on youtube from some JP user. Here is my quick thoughts baring in mind it was off camera gameplay.

Visuals are some of the best I have seen. There was a shot when he turned the camera and you could see down the vally off the jungle cliff. If was the best jungle scene of any console Uncharted and the lighting is unreal.

The shooting looks solid. Headshot werent being pulled off so it was hard to tell if the guy sucked or if the enemies have some spongy faces. The AI was good though. He shot a guy who was about to chuck a grenade and as soon as he dropped it he turned and dove out of the way. The cover system is solid to.

The audio is good, the waterfall which was a tear jerker in design and beauty didnt have any sound cut away with Drake huffing and puffing and shooting over the running water(as seen in early builds). The guns sound good, not great. Could be cause of the speakers of the Vita or obviously due to an off screen record from a cheap handycam. The pistol gave a sniping sound. I plan to use some good headphones with this game.

EXPLORATION is this games golden ticket. You think the 3 console badboys have treasure hunting? Not like this. You will miss so much the first time through. In Uncharted DF, the treasure was behind a rock. In Uncharted 2, you might have to climb across a beam to the corner of a room to get it. In Uncharted 3, it's tucked away in another room. Well...In Golden Abyss, you'll walk past veggitation that blends the world in and you got to chop it down, climb through a mess of rocks and uncover clues. Everything is tied to the journal as well. You really feel like your exploring this time and not just collecting 'shiny dots with Triangle'. Bend has done something spectacular.

This was just what I saw from the preview. Plus the game is about 10 hours long and your trophy list will be barely scratched so the replay is big. Exploration, Photography quests, Puzzle solving and treasure hunting will keep this portable GOTY contender here around a while.

This is a day one for me and from what I saw it's going to be a massive game.