Uncharted 3 Flashback Map Pack #1 Arriving Next Week

According to PlayStation Asia the Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Flashback Map Pack dlc is coming next week, January 17th.

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milohighclub2289d ago

Awesome! Maps sound so good, was starting to miss uncharted 2s maps! Can't wait for new or updates soon ND

DFresh2289d ago

I really hope the UC2 maps The Village and Plaza return in UC3 MP.
Those maps were so fun.

Rainstorm812289d ago

Seeing that its call Flashback map pack #1 i hope they make a #2 with the Village , Plaza and the Temple.

On a side note where is that map the Dry Docks map? Its still missing in action

MidnytRain2289d ago

The Village and Lost City were easily the signature maps of UC2. Classics.

snowb4202289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I really like the Uncharted series (it's one of my favorites) but, I want NEW maps. If I want to play maps from Uncharted 2, I'll play Uncharted 2. Giving the maps an update doesn't change the fact that they're the same maps.

Rainstorm812289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Sanctuary shouldnt have been remade....not only is it night but people have the option to start with a sniper rifle. Its going to be Sniper heaven

In U2 that map was balanced because there was only one sniper rifle on the map at any given time.

Hufandpuf2289d ago

I was about to inquire why pay for these until I read that they were redesigning the maps. How much does it cost anyway?

BillytheAlien2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

It's a shame the online is still unbalanced.

God I hope for Uncharted 4 they go back to what U2 was like

Two Starter Guns (AK, Pistol)
Two Boosters which only give you a small boost when your a low level

and my favorite part

Actually going out onto the heart of the map, finding and earning a gun you really want instead of crappy loadouts.

Sizzon2289d ago

I agree this new patch 1.03 is gonna do zero in balance.

No fix for FAL-SS or Quick Boom whatsoever >.<

and Naughty Dog is really bad at communicating with people, especially on the forums.

BillytheAlien2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

They don't listen, they hardly ever do

It's a sad and hurtful statement about this great developer but it's true. I mean each great company has it's flaws, NDs is that they hardly listen.

I mean was there really any need for any of these COD like changes and when I say "COD like" it's because it seems every other online game is trying to be like COD. No one asked for these changes, they could of just worked on customization like U3s with better and bigger features....maybe unlocking parts for guns from other games (a Jak 2 futurisitc ammo pack for example) and people would of been happy. Hell even hardcore mode isn't as good and thats what you get when you complain about the new features..."Go into hardcore mode then".......oh yeah thanks for the feedback <sigh>

I just hope they do this for Uncharted 4

I mean the whole reason they did these COD like changes was to, as ND said, "take on the big boys" well sorry ND but that was pointless, Uncharted is an amazing game but it would never be able to triumph over COD, Halo, Battlefiled etc. Then they say later on that they could never take them in a way what was the point of it. The sad thing about a community these days is they wouldn't admit it, even if your alright with the changes yet wouldn't mind it going back to the way it was you still could back up the people who want the change.

Even if they add a classic mode using these U2 maps and do it just like U2. Same guns, style, health (pre 1.5 patch), boosters (no SA though lol) then people will be fine.

Silly gameAr2288d ago

Actually, they did fix those issues with 1.03.

Silly gameAr2288d ago

My bad. The patch notes say they did fix the Quick Boom and Creepy Crawler boosters, but they'll address the FAL in a future update.

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