Game Girl Advance's Jane Pinckard Talks Lara Croft, Male vs. Female Gamers

MTV Multiplayer called Jane Pinckard of Game Girl Advance to talk about gender in the gaming space. Here's a tidbit from the conversation, where she mentions the sexualized Jade Raymond comic when talking about the kind of comments women can get:

"The whole Jade Raymond comic thing to me… it's a super big deal, and it's terrible. And if you are a woman, let alone Jade - that comic affected me as a woman. I saw that, and I was like this is an attack on me and on you and on all of us. And the thing is the guys just didn't get it. They were like, "What? It's the Internet. Don't take it so seriously" and that kind of thing. … some people really didn't get it."

Read on for more of Pinckard's thoughts on Lara Croft, Ubisoft and what women can do to thrive and survive in the video games industry…

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WilliamRLBaker3933d ago

Preach on lady, Its true just because it was on the net you dont ignore it, They had no right to do that, In attacking a company they attacked a women who had no right to be attacked.

Just because its on the net you dont ignore it.

jinn3933d ago

what has Jade Raymond done to the videogame industry