Halo 4: The Right To Remain Apprehensive


"Unless you live under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the future of Halo.

Bungie officially handed over the reigns to 343 Industries this past year, moving on to their own new IP.

At E3 2011, we received news that Halo 4 is coming (along with 5 and 6, since it’s an entirely new trilogy) and that Halo: Combat Evolved would receive an HD makeover.

The news was received well, and Halo: Anniversary turned out to be the quintessential example of what a re-release should be.

With E3 only five months away and the official fourth title in Halo arriving at the end of this year, I can only sit back into my fetal position, tense up, and let my mind wander with apprehension whilst waiting in agony for concrete information.

Be forewarned: this article contains Halo 3 spoilers."

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gaminoz2263d ago

I don't know, I used to love Halo, but I seem to be losing interest in it. Microsoft seems to be putting way too many eggs in the sci fi shooter basket.

morganfell2262d ago

I am not as apprehensive as most. They have a cleaner slate with which to work than the past several titles. There are canon elements to preserve but 343 is less bound to past convention. However, despite these elements that bind, Reach for me was the best game yet, not only in terms of multiplayer player but also singleplayer.

My issue with Bungie has always been the multiplayer broke canon. Spartans vs Spartans? WTF. The multiplayer from them has been great and they have the best balancing in the business but none the less it has been non-canon. I would rather see Spartans vs Covenant. Yes we mixed a little that in H2 MP and Firefight in reach is great but it wasn't the same as single player supplanted. For example the bomb should have been a thermonuclear device the Spartans were trying to get to a grav lift that went up into a Covenant Carrier or Cruiser. Not a bowling ball you plant at the end of the field. Reach fixed some issues but much of the canon busting remains.

I have big hopes for 343 and likely less trepidation than other people. With just enough of Bungie left at 343, some fresh faces, and a clean slate I think we are in for a great title.

2262d ago
Proeliator2263d ago

Very detailed piece.

I'm reeeeeeally curious as to what 343 will do for the campaign.

SleazyChimp2262d ago

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and make a prediction. Rumor has it that the reason a Halo movie has not made it to the big screen is because studios are afraid to make a movie where the main character always wears a helmet and has so many unknowns about his past. Film studios feel that this makes it difficult for people who never have played Halo to identify with the Chief in a movie.

Based on 343 telling us that Halo 4 story will reveal more about the Chief than any other halo, I say not only are we going to learn a lot about John 117 in the next 3 games, I'll bet we will finally get to see his face. And to top it all off we will finally get Halo on the big screen!

BadCircuit2263d ago

Halo 4 will be interesting because it is the first time another studio has done it.

Looking forward to seeing the changes...then deciding if I like the direction.

Eske2263d ago

I honestly didn't realize that the Halo canon got that, uh...detailed.

For some reason the upcoming changes make me more excited than apprehensive. I guess I feel like the series needs a shake up.

h311rais3r2262d ago

Halo canon is massive. Humanity was also in a civil war along side fighting the covenant etc. they could make a game of the chiefs first missions. That would be interesting

TheRot2262d ago

halo one of the few games xbox has

Bundi2262d ago

Oh? Because Cod, fifa, assassin's creed, metal gear(hehehe) devil may cry, mass effect, batman, mortal kombat, red dead redemption, street fighter, bioshock, skyrim ect aren't games on xbox right?

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hellvaguy2262d ago

"every game you listed is a multi plat that is played better elsewhere"

Bundi was responding to Guilty saying xbox has no games. Exclusives werent brought up. Only fanboys brag about exclusives and how it makes thier epeens bigger.

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The story is too old to be commented.