Triple-A Aversion Therapy: What Not To Miss In 2012

VG247- The release schedule this year is packed with massive blockbusters – highly publicized and sure to shift millions. But what about the games likely to go under the radar? Don’t miss this lot.

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BattleAxe2321d ago

The only one on the list that I will give a shot with is Starhawk, the rest of those games look like garbage.

SolidGear32321d ago

Binary Domain and Inversion for me. Starhawk if it's up to snuff.

Voxelman2321d ago

isn't Dragon’s Dogma supposed to be the most expensive game CAPCOM has ever made? It's the very definition of AAA

SSX is a pretty big game in a pretty successful franchise as well not really something for people to avoid big budget games.

Metro: Last Light and War of the Roses would be much better games for this list considering the title.I would probably swap out Binary domain for Torchlight 2 as well but that is probably just me.