Vita 3G Region Locking Is a Worldwide Mess

Jordan Lund expresses frustration with Sony's PlayStation Vita 3G's and the exclusive carrier contracts.

Excerpt: "Now that we know how the Vita data plan works through AT&T in the United States, news is coming out of Australia that they will be linked to the carrier Vodaphone.

This is causing problems for Australia’s largest electronics retailer, JB Hi-Fi, as they are a Telstra exclusive shop. They have since contacted everyone who pre-ordered the 3G version of the Vita and cancelled the orders as they will not stock the Vodaphone-branded product.

We aren’t sure how well the Vita is going to do in Australia if JB doesn’t carry the 3G model. Surely that’s something Sony should have considered before inking the Vodaphone contract."

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Emilio_Estevez2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Double post, damn n4g lag.

IHateYouFanboys2110d ago

Hmmm we don't usually get the exclusive to a certain network hardware like other countries do, always been pretty lucky in that area. Ie. IPhones, ipads, etc.

But we don't sell many consoles either, so this really won't affect sonys bottom line anyway.

Vodafone, if true, is a bad move though. telstra is our best Telco.

PirateThom2110d ago

They're not branded though... the mobile networks are "prefered partner" but it, by no means requires you to use any network you don't want since they all have data plans available.

coryok2110d ago

let me clear something up, the network limitations are a hardware limitation, not a software limitation, for instance, at&t is in the US and forced to use GSM networks, japan uses PCD networks. theyre not interchangeable, and having a quadbandcard would just not be fiscally responsible for sony to do.

thus you have the limitation of the networks.

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